Brooke Pfautz is the Founder of Vintory, one of the only companies that I am aware of that helps property managers grow their inventory. I traveled to meet Brooke in Maryland, where he lives with his family and where he built a property management business from 0-500 properties in 5 years.

Since he sold that business and now focuses full time on helping other managers grow, we focused the majority of our conversation on his growth tactics: how any manager anywhere in the world can identify the kinds of properties they want, message these property owners directly, and grow a hospitality business through the use of disruptive means.

This is a different kind of episode: less entertainment, more education. It’s also long: like 110 minutes long. It’s also got some funky audio (chalk that one up to my podcasting experimentation). We finished our day of learning with some recording at my parents vacation home on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. 

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Ocean City, Maryland:

The Cambridge Movement:

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