The Clever Blog Post Every VR Owner or Manager Should Publish Tomorrow

Makeover Session 2.0: The Clever Blog Post That Everyone Should (And Can) Publish Tomorrow

If you haven’t heard, I am working to totally makeover one lucky vacation rental owner’s marketing portfolio live (and step-by-step) for my subscribers to follow. You can read all the prior posts here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.51.11 PMThere are four types of vacation rental owners/managers that I tend to interact with on a regular basis:

1. Those who don’t have a blog but know they need one

2. Those who have a blog but don’t like to write

3. Those who have a blog but don’t know what to write about

4. Those who have a blog and are constantly on the lookout for better things to write about

Amy Firmani (my makeover contest winner) fit into groups #2, #3, and #4.

We built her a website but she was having trouble really getting her blog started.

So we had to come up with a killer blog post formula that was foolproof: a way for anyone of any age in any destination in the world to sit down and put together a golden nugget blog post.

The result?

We created something so clever that ideally it will inspire you all into action (there’s a reason this episode of the makeover is 2.0!!!)

Literally, my aim is for you to read this article and want to begin this procedure…immediately!

What Makes A Good Vacation Rental Blog Post?

Your blog is your window to the world: it’s where you distinguish yourself from the competition…

Where you educate potential visitors…

Where you build reputation and authority through Helping, Not Selling.

And assuming you already have these 20 easy peasy posts live on your blog, your new posts should always be created with the following goals in mind:

> Generate quality web traffic

> Establish expertise

> Add value to vacation planning

> Be authentic

Good vacation rental blogs get shared on social media. They are leveraged in newsletters. And they improve the awareness or exposure of your vacation rental brand…which in turn, means bookings down the line.

But although these things may seem obvious, most owners or managers slack a bit when it comes to posting.

So Here Is Something Everyone Can Do…

For anyone who comes up with excuses whenever it’s time to post to their blog, I want to share with you this seemingly invincible blog technique that I originally saw done on Pat Flynn’s Food Trucker Blog.

It’s perfect for anyone who says, “But I don’t live in my rental’s destination and so I don’t have daily insight” or “Buy I don’t actually have any expertise” or “But I don’t know how to write!”

Basically the clever blog post formula goes something like this:

> First, you do an elaborate Google search and document (it could be literally copy/paste) a unique or special travel tip about your destination found on any given website.

Ideally, the travel tip is something even you didn’t know! Maybe a secret back entrance to a local pub or a place where tipping the waitress means free drinks all night. The more impactful the tip, the your impactful result. So spend some time finding really good ones.

> Second, aggregate 15 or 20 of these tips in an MSWord or Excel document, and be sure to write down the author’s name, plus the source it came from along with a link.

> Third, compile all your awesome tips in one place…as one blog post…for the world to see along with an introduction and some complimentary text.

This methodology does a few really amazing things: it generates lots of backlinks from the actual authors (who doesn’t like to see their tip featured in the headlights of a blog?), it generates social shares (Top 10 lists are always a crowd favorite), it shares the crème of the crop (in terms of travel advice) on your own platform, and lastly, it gives you something to share with competitors’ and regional websites (sharing a page full of amazing tips is totally different from sharing your homepage).

The Clever Blog Post Formula In Action

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.23.00 PMWanna see what it looks like?

Check out Amy Firmani’s 15 Top Secret Las Vegas Travel Tips.

If you’re not feelin’ like doing this job yourself, neither were we!

We hired Jessica Vozel (a professional travel copywriter who kinda specializes in the vacation rental field) to do this blog post for less than the price of one night booked and the resulting product turned out GREAT!

But the best part about this formula is that pretty much anyone can do it (if they wish) with zero money spent.

Now all that’s left is sharing this golden blog post with the masses (and getting a graphic designer to make a cover image that’s better than my ghetto version).

To be continued…

So, did we inspire you to use this easy yet ingenious compilation technique on your blog? Please share your feedback below!

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