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20 Tips Under 20 Minutes Each: Free Private Copy


Dear Aspiring Vacation Rental Owners/Managers,

Have you ever thought to yourself, there is so much information out there to start generating more bookings, I don’t know the absolute best place to start?

How about, I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to all these occupancy-boosting techniques?

This is the sentiment of a lot of my subscribers…

And one of the most critical themes I have been wanting to address for several months is the following:


Owners and managers tend to a) be overwhelmed by all the information and advice out there while simultaneously being b) way too busy to implement more than just one or two.

As a solution, I decided there needed to be a quick handbook of free tips that could all be done in less than 20 minutes each.

Clear, concise, priority tips you should do ASAP…

My groundbreaking eBook that results, 20 Tips Under 20 Minutes, is comprised of a few extremely important components that you need to know before you download:

– 20 amazing tips all independent of one another (and all less than 1 page in length)
– 1 humbling Foreward written by HomeAway CPO, Tom Hale
– 1 jam-packed section of my personally recommended resources to improve your bookings

The way that I put together this compilation was by carefully picking through my absolute best articles of all time (you’ll notice they’re not available to the public anymore) and trimming them down so that only the best, most straightforward instructions remain.

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Get access to ’20 Tips Under 20 Minutes’ the world’s most efficient primer on vacation rental marketing, Foreward written by HomeAway CPO, Tom Hale TODAY

Foreward by Tom Hale, CPO of HomeAway

As someone who is fortunate enough to have a broad view of vacation rentals from my work with leading websites like HomeAway.com and VRBO.com, I know that optimizing a vacation rental business to peak performance can be challenging.

While hospitality comes naturally to most of us, being an efficient and effective marketer of alternative accommodations may not.

Many in the vacation rental community learned the tricks of the trade from scouring online forums or by trial and error, building up our ‘best practices’ the hard way. But it’s always been the bits of lore, passed down from owner to owner, that has been the most valuable.

After reading this book, you’ll agree that Matt’s pragmatic and actionable advice is a short-cut to more bookings and repeat guests while getting the most from your time and money.

Matt’s collection of tips is not meant to be an exhaustive encyclopedia on every aspect of vacation rentals. Instead, it provides you with several dozen ideas and insights that have earned their way into Matt’s book by demonstrating success in the real world.  I learned a few new tricks myself, and I can’t wait to try them. And whether you are an experienced vacation rental owner or a first-timer just getting started, Matt’s book is an engaging read filled with insights and hints on how to be a great marketer and host. Enjoy!

– Tom Hale, CPO, HomeAway

Out of convenience, I divided the contents of my eBook into three categories (and one sub-plot)…

Section 1) Before: This section covers techniques and tips that are attributed prior to the inquiry process (in other words, preparations you must take in order to be ready for inquiries.
Section 2) During: This section covers my advice for handling inquiries that have not yet reserved nights at your rental.
Section 3) After: This section is dedicated to techniques use to preserve life-long customers and generate referral business.
Section 4) Help, Don’t Sell: As is my motto, helping prospective travelers is the name of the game (not trying to sell them). And in this section, I’ll examine three key tips that you can start enabling immediately.Of course, this anthology comes with a full disclosure: reading the contents should not be considered a panacea or a magic pill. It’s no secret that the best vacation rental professionals in the world practice sustainable efforts that require love and care over long periods of time. While these tips are truly executable in 20 minutes, they should merely act as the foundation for what will become your robust vacation rental marketing portfolio for years to come.

Here is what the Table of Contents looks like…

Chapter 1: Your Rental Needs A Name
Chapter 2: Register Your Own Web Domain
Chapter 3: Create Your Own Blog
Chapter 4: Share Useful Information
Chapter 5: Begin A/B Testing
Chapter 6: Perfect Your Listing Site Descriptions
Chapter 7: Front Of Mind Referrals
Chapter 8: Utilize Autoresponders
Chapter 9: Plug Up Your Reservation Process Holes
Chapter 10: Learn To Be Persuasive
Chapter 11: Don’t Be Afraid Of Upgrades
Chapter 12: Master The Follow-Up
Chapter 13: The Secret To Newsletters
Chapter 14: Referrals, The Forgotten Revenue
Chapter 15: Use Flight Alerts Wisely
Chapter 16: Try A Groupon Style Offer
Chapter 17: Learn To Pitch Journalists Like The Pros
Chapter 18: Tell Stories. Be Memorable.
Chapter 19: Write Stuff That Vacation Rental Travelers Want To Read
Chapter 20: Living Like A Local. What Does It Really Mean?

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Get access to ’20 Tips Under 20 Minutes’ the world’s most efficient primer on vacation rental marketing, Foreward written by HomeAway CPO, Tom Hale TODAY