Take These 3 Precautionary Steps For Your VR In 2016

Take These Precautionary Measures For Your Vacation Rental Listing In 2016


My mom always taught me it was good to have backup plans. So to get your listing site non-dependence initiatives in 2016 off to a good start, I wanted to share with you three tactics that members of our Inner Circle community have used to build a stronger, more sustainable vacation rental business.

1. Export

With so many changes in the vacation rental industry in just the past few months, it's a good idea to protect yourself from any future surprises by downloading all your former guest's email addresses onto your computer.

  • FlipKey export functionality is not available at this time, but as a workaround, you can search through bookings and find each guest's details individually

With this list(s) all in one place, you can begin nurturing former guests in the form of a newsletter, making special offers during low season, or simply sending out thank-you or Happy Holidays emails. Online marketers will tell you that your "list" is the most important asset you own. Yet until you download this list file, you don't really even own it.

2. Cache

Along the same lines, reviews in many cases are synonymous with our reputation and it's important to have them easily retrievable on our desktops for use in marketing.

Unfortunately, most of the major listing sites don't offer this functionality, so you'll want to copy/paste the reviews yourself into an Excel document. If you are busy, hire a freelancer to do this job on UpWork (formerly Odesk) for a few bucks an hour. Simply use the instructions below:

"Caching Reviews" Instructions For Freelancer:

I am looking for someone to copy/paste XNUMBER traveler reviews from my vacation rental into a Microsoft Excel document. Please include the date of the review as well as the name of the reviewer as corresponding columns in the Excel document.

These reviews can be found here: LINK TO REVIEWS

*Please download the profile photos of each reviewer if possible as jpegs and save each jpeg file as the name of the reviewer.

3. Upload

You never know what might happen to your listing site account so it's important to have all this information in your own court, sure. But storing a single file on your computer's desktop is still not 100% safe considering the value of the contents: what happens when your computer crashes or (more likely in my case) gets stolen?

Step 3 for the new year is to upload your emails and your reviews to "the cloud" -- a buzzword that basically promises the convenience of being able to access those from anywhere in the world at any time on any device. I recommend Google Drive and would suggest sharing access to the cloud account with your partners or staff.


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