Summary: The 5 Habits of Vacation Rental Innovation Workshop


Note: This workshop has already taken place. The full workshop with slides and downloads can be accessed inside the Inner Circle here.

Innovation is all about changing the terms of the playing field. In 1998, VRBO did it by inventing a new way for people to travel. They stopped innovating and so Airbnb has become the new verb. But enough of waiting for big companies to innovate. The workshop summarized in the video above (and screencast below) reveals how independent owners and managers of any skill level not only CAN innovate and drive their business forward: why we MUST do so for our industry to truly evolve. You can download the accompanying Innovation Calculator here.

Here's what some attendees are saying about the innovation workshop:

Thanks for keeping us focused on the path to Listing Site Independence. I know these webinars are a lot of work, but the value they provide is 10x. I appreciate the little nudges along the way. 

Amy Blue Mist Cabins

Thank you for this presentation. Loved the free handout Excel file or what I call "the accountability file." When using it, you know instantly where you are and where you need to be. This continually pushes us to be better.

Terry Anna Maria Island Rentals

Here's my takeaway from this workshop: putting oneself in the position for innovation is a reward unto itself that sustains long-term gratification. VRs have huge potential for innovation. We're standing at the beginning of a new playing field. We can stay still and complain or we can embrace innovation and uncover niches based on personal passions, which leads to vibrant growth individually and collectively.

Kathy Riversea Getaways

I was impressed. I've heard this presentation 3 times and it keeps getting better. Good job!

Debi Oregon Shearwater
Matt Landau

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