A "Thank You" page is the page on your website that users see when they send an inquiry, sign up to receive updates, or successfully complete a booking. 

This moment is such a huge opportunity to WOW users with your Limited Editionness and provide them with a special Thank You. This is also a moment of peak excitement: consider giving the user some next steps! 

I have been trying to emphasize lately how the moment a guest inquires should be the beginning of marketing expenditures for their repeat and referral stays.

And yet most "Thank You" pages have have the personality of a room at the Extended Stay. Here we are "the industry with all the personality" and yet our big opportunity to WOW is meh. 

Here are a couple simple ways to create a better "Thank You" page and impress guests at a pivotal time, setting the tone for a great relationship. 

Funny Photos of Team Thank You Page

Nothing says "welcome to our family business" like some fun photos of you, a team member, or maybe your entire team on the Thank you page. Maybe even do a little photoshoot holding up a sign that says "Thank You!" 

"Here's My Personality" Thank You Video 1

Why not use the single best medium to communicate personality? Video. I have seen a variety of "thank you" videos done well. From the simple webcam "Thank you for confirming, my name is Matt, you can expect to hear from us very soon" to the more elaborate staged Thank You (like I currently use for VRMB here). 

"Here's What Happens Next" Thank You Video 2

In some cases you may need for the individual to DO SOMETHING after signing up. Perhaps they need to sign a confirmation or verify their email or make a deposit. Whatever it is, people typically don't read the text so using a webcam and telling them what is going to happen next can be very effective. Here is the video we use for folks who sign up for VRMB Principles

"This is Personal" Thank You Page

The best vacation rental businesses know, whether written on their website or just in their heart, WHY they are doing this business. And that personal reason is not the first thing to share with a guest -- because that would be way strange. But upon meeting a guest, sharing some personal information can be a powerful relationship builder. It can earn you valuable points in case something goes wrong. Consider opening up -- the people who read the message will respect you more. 

Anything Animals Thank You Page

Many vacation rental professionals have pets -- in fact pets are often PART of the operation, wandering around offices, doing check-ins, adding flavor! It should be no secret many travelers love animals too. So consider featuring yours with a little story on your Thank You page. I love the way Effortless Rentals Group includes their dogs on their "About Us" page.  

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