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Accelerator Program 🚀 Application 🧑‍🚀

Don't build the leaning tower of pisa. Our program helps owners and managers build structurally sound businesses from the ground-up.  

The Accelerator Program is designed for vacation rental and STR managers who want to plan, execute, and iterate using best-in-class advice from other industry leaders. Our analogy is building the dream home: no shortcuts should be taken, no details should over overlooked. 

Discover what growing pains you will encounter before you encounter them: anticipate needs and make decisions you can grow into.  

With the help of your coaches Jed Stevens and Linda Sylvester, and industry steward Matt Landau, members learn to build and fix business models holistically -- following each of our proprietary 6 modules and feedback loops in the form of discussion threads from other members.

Join a cohort, build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs, use others' experiences to make more calculated decisions   

  • Each thread encourages a live feed of ideas, questions, and commentary 
  • Access our resource library for downloads, pro formas, templates 
  • Includes group phone calls & direct access to your coaches and other Accelerator members (3 months)

The Offer: Access all 6 modules of VRMB's Accelerator Program

The Accelerator course is divided into 6 Modules, each of which have discussion threads and corresponding downloads. The total cost for the 10 week program is $1500. 

  • Module 1: Research
  • Module 2: Building Blocks
  • Module 3: Structural Members
  • Module 4: Finish Work
  • Module 5: Optimization
  • Module 6: Open House

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Why Now? 

There has never been a more pivotal time to analyze and adjust your STR/VR business. With demand starting to level off, now is the time to put in the legwork and ensure you have the right foundation in place to grow sustainably. 

Your Instructors

Matt Landau

VRMB Communities Profile: https://community.vrmb.com/members/matt-landau.1/

In the Media: https://www.vrmb.com/media/

Jed Stevens

VRMB Communities Profile: https://community.vrmb.com/members/jed.1299/

Featured in: THE Vacation Rental Management Masterplan [Podcast Episode]


Podcast Transcript


Linda Sylvester

VRMB Communities Profile: https://community.vrmb.com/members/lindas.866/

Featured in: We Just Got Acquired By A Large VR Company. Here Are The Things That Do NOT Scale [Podcast Episode]: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/unlocked-by-matt-landau/id1294051149?i=1000530151403

A Sense of Place, Kauai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMsPIZchq1I


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