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Being a vacation rental professional is about more than just profit or growth. It's about purpose. And this pandemic, along with the wildfires, social unrest and everything else going on right now, I wanted to remind everyone that adversity can be a good thing.

I was fortunate enough to visit St. John USVI and stay in one of the only accommodations available after the storms -- a vacation rental property called Tropical Blessings

After meeting a handful of remarkable locals over my vacation -- from the local Police Sergeant, to a beekeeper, to a chef, to a boat captain, to the town hurricane relief leader -- I had the chance to reflect back on my visit to Love City: one of those special corners of the earth where the respect that residents have for one another is rivaled only by a collective love for the place they call home.

And I learned that oftentimes adversity in a destination can result in some pretty surprising things:

  • Realizing that we are capable of far more than we once thought, for instance.
  • Strangers who come out of the woodwork to help.
  • A new perspective on the things we hold dear.

St. John was more than just a straightforward vacation for me -- it was a testament to this resilience. The chance to contribute to something special. And from the most selfish of perspectives, that sensation as a traveler, feels incredibly good.

Matt Landau
September 16, 2020