EXCLUSIVE: Airbnb Announces 10 Exciting New VR Partnerships

EXCLUSIVE: Airbnb Announces 10 Exciting New Vacation Rental Partnerships


You may remember last year when we learned of Airbnb’s Unique 3-Step Plan To Enter The Vacation Rental Market. This was followed by partnerships with LiveRez, Kigo, Booking Pal, and LeisureLink: clear indicators that Airbnb is listening to owners/managers and that they are interested in growing their share of the vacation rental market.

Today, I am honored to share with you another VRMB exclusive...​

Airbnb's 10 New Vacation Rental Partnerships​

This past week, Airbnb rolled out API specs to ten new and progressive property manager software companies for vacation rentals. I would like to officially congratulate each of the following ten companies on the exciting news:


    • Avantio - The complete system developed with professional agencies in mind
    • Supercontrol - Innovative Property Management Software for ambitious holiday rental managers
    • Xotelia - All-in-one system for B&B, guest house, apartment, and vacation rental owners
    • Net2Rent - The comprehensive management program for agencies in the rental market
    • Arkiane - Software publisher for tourism and real estate
    • Rentals United - Automated vacation rental distribution for 40+ niche and mainstream websites

North America

    • Streamline - VR software by property managers for property managers
    • OneRooftop** - Provides leading online booking software and websites for vacation rental businesses.
    • Ciirus - All-in-one vacation rental software made easy
    • Maxxton - Enterprise resource planning system for all your operational needs
    • Barefoot - Providing leadership, vision, and technology in the industry for 16 years

**VRMB Inner Circle Member

Note: Since the date of publication, Airbnb has announced two more companies, Rentals United, and Bookingsync to this wonderful list.

EXCLUSIVE: @Airbnb announces 10 exciting new #vacationrental partnerships

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This means that if you currently use any of these companies to manage your vacation rental(s) you will soon be able to seamlessly synchronize and begin accepting Airbnb bookings from the comfort of your existing dashboard.

If you are in the process of selecting vacation rental software, consider the fact that these companies now come with an added bonus—the opportunity to reach Airbnb’s world of travelers.

Why is Airbnb doing this?

It should be no secret that, by making it easier to take advantage of their offerings, Airbnb is looking to gain more market share in the vacation rental industry. By opening up their API to selected new partners, I see Airbnb opening its reach specifically to owners and managers in the more advanced stages of Listing Site Independence.

What does this mean for the vacation rental industry?

APIs are the mechanisms that let one application talk to another, share data, and take actions on one another’s behalf. APIs allow your photo on Instagram to directly post on Facebook. APIs allow us to embed Google Maps in our websites and integrate Youtube videos into our blog posts. The more communication between the applications we use, the more efficiently we can operate businesses.

When companies like Airbnb and HomeAway open up their APIs, they are encouraging certain approved owners and managers to take advantage of their offerings. The more efficiently those owners and managers can piggyback, the more interconnected they become with guests, and the better the experience gets for everyone involved.

What comes next?

I see this kind of disruptive innovation -- from Airbnb or any other big company for that matter -- as a positive shift and force in the world: old established pathways are being challenged and new improved pathways are being created. In an industry like ours where time, energy and communication are of utmost importance, the onset of these kinds of announcements should be making a lot of VR professionals very happy.

Do you Airbnb? I am always curious to hear from owners and managers about how they perceive the vacation rental industry evolving. Feel free to use the comment area below to share your thoughts and experiences. I read and respond to everything. And have asked Airbnb's Global Head of Vacation Rentals, Shaun Stewart, to chime in too...

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