Announcement: Season 2 of ‘A Sense of Place’ Sponsored by

​Almost one year ago I had lunch ​with Stuart Hooper, ​a film ​virtuoso and Principal at TFP Company, about creating a travel show featuring members of the Inner Circle Community. ​The plan was to meet new destinations through the eyes of cutting edge vacation rental professionals, showing how our industry can look...when done right. We announced the show and went on to create the first season (13 episodes) with the amazing support of Abundle and Liverez. These two companies stepped up to bat for us and ​executing the inaugural season was ​probably the most challenging and rewarding thing we've ever done professionally. 

​​​​​From an experimenter's perspective, the goal of that first season was to determine whether there was demand for this sort of product. ​Mostly because this kind of film is so expensive to do -- we needed to see validation in order to continue. And fortunately, we got ​the signals that we ​hoped for. Both in terms of viewership and prospective sponsor support. We were cooking with gas!

​But as the season came to a close, a deeper realization began to sink in: for something appealing yet unknown like vacation rentals: How can we usher that thing in to the greater public? Like with any new journey or style or challenge —— what if there was a guide? How can travelers best explore ​our industry? ​And is there room for everyone inside? 

I ​felt compelled to answer these questions, so I reached out to some ​friends at I could use some help from the view up top: to determine where our proud movement fits in. We’re on a mission to change the way people travel, by being curious and daring and kind. Vacation rentals are the gateway to an independent and adventuresome world. And it’s my pleasure to have you along for the ride. 

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