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Cottage Industry 3.0

​​​Cottage Industry 3.0​​​Close your eyes and imagine a vacation rental industry of the future. All properties have standards that guarantee safety and cleanliness. Travelers have become

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Tiny Architects Unlocked VRMB

Unlocked Season 4: The ‘Tiny Architects’

Unlocked Season 4'Tiny Architects' EditionThe new season of the Unlocked Podcast consists of 15 episodes delivered week-by-week. ​You can find all the episodes here.  Introducing The 'Myriad of

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Milestone! We’re Making The Leap To Broadcast TV

​Milestones!I am BEYOND proud to announce that The Vacation Rental Show presented by is making the leap to broadcast TV!  As of ​this week, all 10 episodes of Season 2 of the show

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VRMB’s Keystone Awards

A keystone is the architectural term for a wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch or bridge that locks the other pieces in place. We believe this is the perfect metaphor for the right property

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Findings from VRMB’s Property Management Software Selector Tool

​​Update: You can now find the Top Suggestions post in which we reveal 12 softwares featured in our results as well as some stand-out softwares here. ​​The ​BackstoryOn April 9th, we privately

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Airbnb. The Verb.

As the vacation rental industry evolves and more travelers become aware of the variety of new accommodations options available at their fingertips, a new responsibility lands on our shoulders: answering,

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 10: New Orleans

​Go Behind The Booking ​New Orleans is one of the greatest cities in the world.​ And it's also now the place I call home. For this season's final episode, I wanted to showcase ​the best feature

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 9: Bowen Island, Vancouver

​Go Behind The Booking To get to Bowen Island you fly into Vancouver and make your way about 30 minutes outside the city to a ferry terminal. From there you take a short 20 minute trip across the

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The Vacation Rental Industry Is Exploding. Should We Be Concerned?

It seems like every ​month news publications ​are announcing new venture capital, acquisitions, or big name players entering the once-cottage industry of vacation rentals — now, the fastest growing

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 8: Budapest, Hungary

​Go Behind The Booking ​One way to plan a vacation is to pick the destination first: the beach or the city or the small town that speaks to you in a relaxing or inspiring way. But a different way

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 7: Lindsborg, Kansas

​Go Behind The Booking ​I’d love for ​you to ponder this idea: while metropolitan cities and coastal regions are seeing massive growth, could the high costs, stress, and competition be creating

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 6: Rio de Janeiro

​Go Behind The Booking ​As a child I remember seeing carnival on TV and following their famed soccer team in the world cup -- I envisioned this South American landmark almost like a separate world

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