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These Before And After Pics Will Make You Kvell

So, Jan Stevens owns Lazy Bowen Hideaway, a vacation rental perched above the water in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She proudly took the following photo herself:


She then got Vancouver-based Debra Stringfellow to take professional photos and received (among other photos in the set) this:

DSC5399_2 modified

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Jan told Debra she wanted the photos to depict what the eye sees when they walk into the property. And that the “money shot” needed to be that “wow” moment. I think we can all relate to photos not doing our property justice.

And to do this, Debra did not use any lighting other than natural but rather took multiple exposures and then pieced them together using Photoshop…something Jan definitely couldn’t have done on her own.

Jan has gotten such good results that she’s shifting her professional interior designer firm now in vacation rental interior design and staging for photos. How about that?

If this before/after combination isn’t enough to inspire you to get photos done, I don’t know what is!

Here’s another set that’s just brilliant…

Great Room (17)DSC5456

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