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Learn How Karen Barnert Drove 2,000 Visitors To Her Vacation Rental Site In 4 Days

Karen Barnert is like a lot of my subscribers in that she operates her vacation rental remotely. Karen lives in Canada and her vacation villa is about 2,000 miles away in warm, sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After

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Roomorama’s Co-Founder On The Concept Of ‘Standardization’

One of the great benefits of the growth of my blog is that I’ve started building increasingly sufficient clout in order to approach some of the larger vacation rental companies and CEOs. Of course,

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Two Minutes. One Decision. 10% Increased Annual Vacation Rental Profit

One of the very simplest, most influential tips I share in my one-on-one consultations with subscribers  revolves around the following questions: “But Matt, I already operate at full occupancy. What

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Go Big Or Go Home

I recently stumbled upon this discussion on the HomeAway Community Forum, and felt incensed that such ideas were actually accepted practices in the vacation rental community. The topic at hand was an owner

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Two Little Letters That Can Squeeze Inquiries Into Bookings

According to my research, if you are not using a “P.S.” in your vacation rental emails, you might be missing out on lots of bookings. At one time or another, you’ve probably received an email with

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Online Bookings in 2013: A Progress Update

At the beginning of 2013, I asked 3 genius vacation rental gurus about their predictions for the year in vacation rentals. They all, almost choreographically, pointed at online bookings. So here, almost

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Vacation Rentals Will Have To Pay Equal Taxes And Fees As Hotels

I don’t typically write on the subject of the regulation or legality of vacation rentals. But here’s an instance that I was personally consulted on (I spent quite some time as a travel writer

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Here’s Why The Odds Are Stacked Against You

  I recently read a book called Youtility by one of my favorite marketing experts Jay Baer and decided to apply his conclusion to our vacation rental niche: due to circumstantial evidence, I would

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Web Chalet

Difficult Interview With A Vacation Rental Software CEO

If I had to list two themes that most vacation rental owners DON’T understand… The decision to build their own website would go right along with “hire a photographer to take professional

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Update: My Absolute Best Marketing Idea Of 2012

  UPDATE (July 4, 2013): I wanted to share the following. I wrote this article back in August of 2012 and we’re coming up on August of 2013, which means I have some conclusive proof of how many

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3 Days To Contemplate. 2 Minutes To Implement. 10% Increased Yearly Profits.

  About 2 years ago I welcomed a new investor to my vacation rental company and one of the first things we did was increase the prices across the board. This was a little bit difficult for me because

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What If I Googled Your Rental Right Now?

  Let’s face it: consumer research these days is done on the web. So when travelers hear about your rental, or perhaps stumble across it on VRBO, you can bet they’re going to cross-reference those

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