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3 Vacation Rental Guru Predictions For 2013

  There are a lot of REALLY smart people in the vacation rental game right now and I thought it would be great to get three of them down, on paper, predicting what we’re all about to see next.

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Vacation Rental Pictures: The Before & After

OK so you’ve heard me say it time and time again: photographs are perhaps the most defining factor in setting yourself apart from your competition and booking more nights. But you still haven’t quite

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Good vs. Great Vacation Rental Photography

One of the most popular articles I’ve ever written was a case study about the “Value of Professional Vacation Rental Photos.” If you didn’t read that piece and gain a new perspective

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New Vacation Rental Marketing Survey Exposes Challenges For Owners

> More than half (51 percent) of all vacation rental owners use listing sites as their sole form of marketing. This group experiences the lowest average annual occupancy rate across all owner types

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Vacation Rental Websites Are Meant To Be Skimmed, Not Read

I get a lot of requests for vacation rental websites evaluations and one of the biggest mistakes owners make is writing their description for readers, not skimmers. Let me explain… Travelers in the

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How Much Are Good Vacation Rental Photos Worth?

It’s no secret that having great photos will help increase bookings at your vacation rental. And so I decided to do an experiment pitting average vacation rental photos up against professional ones. Anyone

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