One of the most popular articles I’ve ever written was a case study about the “Value of Professional Vacation Rental Photos.” If you didn’t read that piece and gain a new perspective on photos, well, then you ain’t getting excited about nuthin’. I talk with A LOT of vacation rental owners every week and without

Summary: This survey from the earliest days of vacation rental growth shows the industry is getting more and more competitive according to its owners who, while spending on average $1150 per year marketing their properties, still largely feel like they should be doing more. Follow-up with VRMB’s Listing Site Independence Self-Grader to determine your organic marketing

It’s no secret that having great photos will help increase bookings at your vacation rental. And so I decided to do an experiment pitting average vacation rental photos up against professional ones. Anyone who fails to get their property prepped for professional quality photos is either a) too lazy (I guarantee there is a professional

Update: This post dates back to 2009. If you’d like to see how far we have come with video since, check out The Vacation Rental Show presented by We still encourage all advanced vacation rental professionals (Stage 3 and 4 of Listing Site Independence) to begin practicing with some form of video storytelling.  It should