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Shortsighted [Monday Morning Motivation]

​This is an example of VRMB's Monday Morning Motivations, that gets delivered straight to your inbox each Monday. Sign up on our homepage to receive yours free of charge! A Letter To All Concerned Vacation

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Sense of Place [Episode 9, Guardea, Umbria, Italy]

​One of the most incredible things about the vacation rental movement is that someone with access to a vacation property can get started pretty much over night. Put your property up on a listing site

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Property Management Is Dead As We Knew It

​B. Joseph Pine II ​The Experience Economy (1999) quote-left ​“Commoditized…Differentiation disappears, margins fall through the floor, and customers buy solely on the basis

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Sense of Place [Episode 8, Barcelona]

Quick Navigation Barcelona Deconstructed​The Learning Center​1. The Essence of Hospitality​​2. Duplicating Damien3. Staging a Demonstration4. The Gamechanger5. Management from Afar6. Where

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Sense of Place [Episode 7, Carolina Beach, N.C.]

Quick Navigation ​Carolina Beach: DeconstructedThe Learning Center​1. I Fell Into This2. The Ups and Downs​3. Giving Back4. Finding a Sweet Spot5. The Business of Smiles ​Carolina Beach is a

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Vacation Rental Statistics: A Double-Edged Sword

The money was gone.David Angotti at LiveRez Partner Conference, 2017When I approached the Craps table at the casino, the excitement was intoxicating. The guy shooting the die, people excitedly collecting

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Sense of Place [Episode 6, Marbella, Spain]

​Not long ago I knew next to nothing about Marbella as a vacation destination. I knew it was in Southern Spain and I knew it was on the coast. That’s about it. So when I arrived at the nearby Malaga

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Sense of Place [Episode 5, San Diego]

Quick Navigation ​San Diego: Deconstructed​The Learning Corner​1. The Primary Mission2. Do You Stay in Vacation Rentals? 3. The Beauty of Anti-Scalability4. Upgrading To Software5. The Dream Job6.

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Sense of Place [Episode 4, Le Marche, Italy]

​Bob and Ian of Casal dei Fichi are two of the more advanced vacation rental professionals I’ve ever met. I use the word ‘advanced’ not in relation to technology or IQ. But rather advancement in

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Sense of Place [Episode 3, Blue Ridge, Georgia]

​​They say that "if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together." The first time I ever heard this quote, it was from Tracy Lotz, at Liverez. And when it comes to the vacation

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Sense of Place [Episode 2, Rome]

I am so excited to share episode 2 of Sense of Place, featuring Henrietta Kiss and ROME!We often say that vacation rentals allow travelers to experiences destinations “like a local.” And there’s

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Sense of Place [Episode 1, Kauai]

Quick Navigation Kauai: Deconstructed​The Learning Corner1. We Were Young2. Under the Lindafluence​3. Give More, Get More​4. Pack for a Purpose​5. Wow Moments ​I am so honored and excited

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