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Sense of Place [Episode 7, Carolina Beach, N.C.]

Quick Navigation ​Carolina Beach: DeconstructedThe Learning Center​1. I Fell Into This2. The Ups and Downs​3. Giving Back4. Finding a Sweet Spot5. The Business of Smiles ​Carolina Beach is a

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Vacation Rental Statistics: A Double-Edged Sword

The money was gone.David Angotti at LiveRez Partner Conference, 2017When I approached the Craps table at the casino, the excitement was intoxicating. The guy shooting the die, people excitedly collecting

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Sense of Place [Episode 6, Marbella, Spain]

​Not long ago I knew next to nothing about Marbella as a vacation destination. I knew it was in Southern Spain and I knew it was on the coast. That’s about it. So when I arrived at the nearby Malaga

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Sense of Place [Episode 5, San Diego]

Quick Navigation ​San Diego: Deconstructed​The Learning Corner​1. The Primary Mission2. Do You Stay in Vacation Rentals? 3. The Beauty of Anti-Scalability4. Upgrading To Software5. The Dream Job6.

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Sense of Place [Episode 4, Le Marche, Italy]

​Bob and Ian of Casal dei Fichi are two of the more advanced vacation rental professionals I’ve ever met. I use the word ‘advanced’ not in relation to technology or IQ. But rather advancement in

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Sense of Place [Episode 3, Blue Ridge, Georgia]

​​They say that "if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together." The first time I ever heard this quote, it was from Tracy Lotz, at Liverez. And when it comes to the vacation

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Sense of Place [Episode 2, Rome]

I am so excited to share episode 2 of Sense of Place, featuring Henrietta Kiss and ROME!We often say that vacation rentals allow travelers to experiences destinations “like a local.” And there’s

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Sense of Place [Episode 1, Kauai]

Quick Navigation Kauai: Deconstructed​The Learning Corner1. We Were Young2. Under the Lindafluence​3. Give More, Get More​4. Pack for a Purpose​5. Wow Moments ​I am so honored and excited

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We’ve Started a Podcast!

I am very excited to announce Unlocked, a new podcast series that meets the serendipitous world of vacation rentals through innovative vacation rental professionals who have unlocked their own paths to

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We’re Producing a Show!

​I am very excited to ​share with you, A Sense of Place, a new kind of travel show designed to familiarize people with ​our great vacation rental movement. In ​the show, we'll meet destinations

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The One Keyword Set We Must Rank For in Google

This guest post is by Conrad O'Connell of 91Digital, a digital marketing consultant with a focus on SEO, PPC, and email marketing. Conrad's post below is for anyone who wants to ​stay relevant in search

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Choosing the Right VR Software…Decoded

The following post was written by Terry Whyte of Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals, an owner and property manager in Florida and North Carolina. Like many of us, Terry decided to explore the world of VR

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