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The “Single Guest Perspective” Formula [Workshop Summary]

Note: This workshop has already taken place. The full workshop with Q&A session can be accessed inside the Inner Circle here. The "Single Guest Perspective" has become key to owners and

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The 7 “Unwritten Rules” of the Vacation Rental Business

Some vacation rental business owners are on auto-pilot, riding the wave of a new industry, seeing where it takes them. While others are biting the bullet, taking the bull by the horns, and defining

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Hire The Right Videographer And Treat Them Right

About one year ago I committed to begin using video in all elements of my marketing. Not because I love how I look on camera (in fact, I hate it). And not because I have a secret dream to become a

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By 2020, Vacation Rentals Will Topple The Hotel Industry

Whether you've heard of VRBO, stayed at an Airbnb, or rented a home through HomeAway, you are likely familiar with the idea: nowadays, empty properties can be transformed into mini hotels with minimal

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Summary: The 5 Habits of Vacation Rental Innovation Workshop

Note: This workshop has already taken place. The full workshop with slides and downloads can be accessed inside the Inner Circle here. Innovation is all about changing the terms of the playing

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Will I Ever Rank?

This guest post is by Conrad O'Connell, a digital marketing consultant with a focus on SEO, PPC, and email marketing. Conrad's post was created to answer the ever-popular question about whether

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Persona-Based Marketing: The Small Tweak That Delivers Massive Results

This post is written by David Angotti, Co-Founder of, the fastest growing property management firm in the Great Smoky Mountains region, and an acclaimed member of the VRMB Inner

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The New Face Of Vacation Rentals?

This past weekend in a closed-door meeting at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada, I concluded one final piece of information about the vacation rental industry, then placed a confident bet that independent

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EXCLUSIVE: Airbnb Announces 10 Exciting New Vacation Rental Partnerships

You may remember last year when we learned of Airbnb’s Unique 3-Step Plan To Enter The Vacation Rental Market. This was followed by partnerships with LiveRez, Kigo, Booking Pal, and LeisureLink: clear

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I Just Individually Consulted 500 Vacation Rental Owners And Here Are Some Surprising Discoveries

Because the vacation rental industry is so new and its potential so huge, I tend to spend my research hours doing activities that might otherwise be considered an inefficient or crazy use of one's

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The VR Industry’s First Fully Automated Marketing Tool Is Here And It’s Smaller Than A Paperback Book

When I first started my vacation rental business in 2006, I dreamed of a tool that would do all my marketing for me. So with the help of several investors, I secretly began building it. After 10 long

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Hands Down, The Best Way To Respond To A Negative Vacation Rental Review

One of the inherent challenges to vacation rental success is that you become vulnerable to numbers: the more guests you host, the more potential there is for a negative review.There is no successful or

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