As part of our Divergent Thinking series, Matt sits down this week with Bob Pease, President of the Brewer's Association.  The extraordinary success of the craft beer industry in the last several decades provides real insight into how vacation rental professionals can band together to achieve a host of goals.

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Here are the two other episodes of our Divergent Thinking Series mentioned in the show: 

Dr. Louis Rosenberg founded Unanimous AI to pursue a crazy idea – that we can amplify the intelligence of human groups by developing a new form of AI based on the biological principles of Swarm Intelligence.  The idea panned out, resulting in Swarm AI technology, a powerful method amplifying group intelligence.  Community thinking is essential to the survival of the vacation rental industry and the ideas explored here will unlock ideas for your hospitality business and beyond...

Nathan Schneider has a deep knowledge of cooperative business models, an age old, but oft overlooked concept that continues with great relevance in the modern world. In this virtual sit-down, Nathan and Matt will explore the principles, definitions and history of Co-ops and how they just may unlock superpowers the vacation rental industry needs to survive. 

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