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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 8: Budapest, Hungary

​Go Behind The Booking ​One way to plan a vacation is to pick the destination first: the beach or the city or the small town that speaks to you in a relaxing or inspiring way. But a different way

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 7: Lindsborg, Kansas

​Go Behind The Booking ​I’d love for ​you to ponder this idea: while metropolitan cities and coastal regions are seeing massive growth, could the high costs, stress, and competition be creating

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 6: Rio de Janeiro

​Go Behind The Booking ​As a child I remember seeing carnival on TV and following their famed soccer team in the world cup -- I envisioned this South American landmark almost like a separate world

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 5: Lisbon, Portugal

​Go Behind The Booking The city of Lisbon Portugal is going through extraordinary times. Only a few years ago, it was one of Europe’s sleepier capitals. Reeling from a global financial crisis, the

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 4: St. John, USVI

​Go Behind The Booking This episode is one of the most special we have ever created. It features St. John in the US Virgin Islands, which was hit by two Cat 5 hurricanes less than a year before we

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 3: Park City, Utah

​Go Behind The Booking I've never really liked cold weather and the last time I went skiing was like 25 years ago. So in traveling to Park City I planned to find out what makes a quintessential ski

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 2: Montevideo, Uruguay

​Go Behind The Booking My #1 mission with VRMB is to make vacation rental learning fun. And one way to do that is depicting the industry as a traveler: meeting new destinations through a professional

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What is the Inner Circle?

​The Inner Circle ​is ​the private community within VRMB and it is ​comprised of ​the following three ​departments.1. Structured LearningAll the ebooks, courses, video tutorials, recorded workshops,

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The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 1: Bali, Indonesia

​Go Behind The Booking ​I am thrilled to finally share the first episode of Season 2 of The Vacation Rental Show (aka. the artist formerly known as "Sense of Place.") For this, my first ever visit

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Your 3 Words for 2019

​This is an example of VRMB's Monday Morning Motivations, that gets delivered straight to your inbox each Monday. Sign up on our homepage to receive yours free of charge! IDEA: Instead of coming up with

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‘A Sense of Place’ Supercut from VRMA International

​The video above is a supercut for Season 2 of A Sense of Place​ (the full season trailer is coming soon). ​I had the chance to "premier" it this past weekend at the VRMA International this sentiment

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Vacation Rental Beliefs [Version 2.0]

​As vacation rental professionals, we ​need to stay agile and adapt to change. ​O​ne healthy way to do this is to constantly challenge ​our own beliefs about the industry: to present the same

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