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Studies Find Short-Term Rentals Bring Enormous Economic Benefits to Chicago, St. Joseph, Michigan

Last week I received an email from Tim Doyle, who heads up the Short Term Rental Advocacy Center and who I met and had dinner with in Scottsdale… Tim was about to release the results from a massive

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What Are Your Vacation Rental Marketing Trends for 2014?

I am always a sucker for beginning-of-year summary pieces like these… And so I figured that I’d wrap some of my main ideas — the trends I see making the biggest splash — into a

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4 Vacation Rental Guru Predictions for 2014

Last year, I solicited the predictions from three industry experts: “What will be the biggest vacation rental industry story in 2013?” Their answers were creepily, almost soothsayer-like in successfully

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Matt Landau’s 2014 Prediction: The Year Of…

The Internet is changing every single component of the travel industry… It is changing the way people choose destinations, share recommendations, save money, and spend more quality time with their

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Roomorama’s Co-Founder On The Concept Of ‘Standardization’

One of the great benefits of the growth of my blog is that I’ve started building increasingly sufficient clout in order to approach some of the larger vacation rental companies and CEOs. Of course,

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Online Bookings in 2013: A Progress Update

At the beginning of 2013, I asked 3 genius vacation rental gurus about their predictions for the year in vacation rentals. They all, almost choreographically, pointed at online bookings. So here, almost

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Vacation Rentals Will Have To Pay Equal Taxes And Fees As Hotels

I don’t typically write on the subject of the regulation or legality of vacation rentals. But here’s an instance that I was personally consulted on (I spent quite some time as a travel writer

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Leaders & Laggards In The Vacation Rental Marketplace (2013)

  The vacation rental industry is polarized by two distinct types of owners, Leaders and Laggards, a new Vacation Rental Marketing Blog survey finds. Contrary to popular belief, generating a strong

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“Why I Cancelled My Hotel Reservations In Favor Of A Vacation Rental”

  Dave McCormick is like a lot of people. As the Owner of Pro Kitchen Gear, Dave travels a lot. And whether for business or pleasure, he has been a hotel traveler all his life. He’s always liked

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3 Vacation Rental Guru Predictions For 2013

  There are a lot of REALLY smart people in the vacation rental game right now and I thought it would be great to get three of them down, on paper, predicting what we’re all about to see next.

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New Vacation Rental Marketing Survey Exposes Challenges For Owners

> More than half (51 percent) of all vacation rental owners use listing sites as their sole form of marketing. This group experiences the lowest average annual occupancy rate across all owner types

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