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The New Face Of Vacation Rentals?

This past weekend in a closed-door meeting at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada, I concluded one final piece of information about the vacation rental industry, then placed a confident bet that independent

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EXCLUSIVE: Airbnb Announces 10 Exciting New Vacation Rental Partnerships

You may remember last year when we learned of Airbnb’s Unique 3-Step Plan To Enter The Vacation Rental Market. This was followed by partnerships with LiveRez, Kigo, Booking Pal, and LeisureLink: clear

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The VR Industry’s First Fully Automated Marketing Tool Is Here And It’s Smaller Than A Paperback Book

When I first started my vacation rental business in 2006, I dreamed of a tool that would do all my marketing for me. So with the help of several investors, I secretly began building it. After 10 long

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Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals: Room For All?

I was having dinner with Inner Circle member Jane Moore at the Four Seasons Papagayo, Costa Rica, which arguably represents the finest hotel in what many consider the most sustainable tourism destination

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4 Warning Signs That You’re In A Dependent Relationship With Listing Sites

When I turned 10 years old, my mom and dad gave me Disney stock for my birthday. And with it came a simple lesson in investing: 100 minus your age is the ratio of your portfolio to focus on stocks.

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Expedia Buying HomeAway Should Inspire (Not Frustrate) You

As I watched the sunrise this morning in Pedasi, Panama, I read that HomeAway was sold to Expedia, the gigantic travel booking engine, for an incredible $3.9 billion. This acquisition is game-changing

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REVEALED: Airbnb’s 3-Step Plan To Enter The Vacation Rental Market

If you're like most successful vacation rental hosts, you're probably very responsive to guest feedback.Guests complain about a loud air-conditioning unit in the master bathroom?You either fix it or get

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Are Vacation Rentals The Next Boutique Hotels?

I spent this past week visiting family in Washington D.C. so it was nearly impossible to avoid news clips surrounding the visit from Pope Francis who, by my entirely non-religious assessment, seems like

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I Just Bought (Gulp!)

So here’s a pretty exciting/daunting announcement: The domain now belongs to us. The fearless vacation rental renegades! It took me some time to finally secure this web domain. It also

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2016 Update: A Theory Of Change

“If This Isn’t Working, Let’s Fix It.” I think everyone can agree that the vacation rental industry changed more in 2015 than perhaps any year prior. From the HomeAway acquisition, to massive

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10 Experts Predict Vacation Rentals In 2015

2014 was an amazing year the vacation rental industry: plenty of growth…lots of good drama…of course some wonderful and unexpected surprises! But as we move into 2015, I’ve asked some of

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Would You Rent To This Man? A Cost-Benefit Analysis Of The Corporate Rentals Market

Whenever I mention the phrase “corporate rentals” to a vacation rental owner or manager, they typically wonder: a) How do people search for corporate rentals? b) Does my city/town have any demand for

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