"What will you refuse to automate?"This is a question the technology vendors in our industry don't ask nearly enough. Since technology can solve so many problems, it can be tempting for us to want automate everything. But in doing so, we'd be losing the things that make us Limited Edition. And if we become a commodity, not even the greatest technology can save

This post was written by Wes Melton, Founder of Nokori.com approximately 3 years ago. It was designed to inspire Property Managers everywhere to run best-in-class, functional and profitable businesses, while staying healthy, happy, and free. And we think it's more salient today than ever before.The biggest lessons from 3 years of explosive growth.“What series of really terrible decisions did I make to end

This post by Nancy McAleer of AMI Home Rental is designed to help independent owners and managers attract guests looking for more complete vacation packages while simultaneously increasing our bottom lines.One of the benefits of owning a vacation rental is that I can look at the entire business cycle and make quick, solid decisions about maximizing profits. This year I am focused on what

This past weekend in a closed-door meeting at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada, I concluded one final piece of information about the vacation rental industry, then placed a confident bet that independent vacation rental owners and managers will triumph over the larger listing sites adversaries.The ongoing theme of David versus Goliath in the vacation rental industry is an intense one:It's hard to

UPDATE August 4, 2020: This post explains a tip we used very successfully almost 10 years ago at my vacation rental business. I thought it was especially relevant today when we need our loyal guests more than ever.  UPDATE July 4, 2013: I wrote this article back in August of 2012 and we're coming up on August of 2013, which means I have some