October 9, 2022

I love networking! I am constantly trying to meet new people and connect others in the industry. Pre-pandemic, you could find me at most vacation rental industry conferences events shmoozing,

February 19, 2020

I've received emails now for several years from concerned vacation rental professionals seeking advice on advocacy for their city/town. Some in fierce legal battles, others seeing danger brewing on the

June 19, 2018

​David is the co-founder of multiple startups including the niche listing site SmokyMountains.com. His beliefs are colored by owning multiple vacation rentals, formerly owning a property management company with 100+

June 2, 2018

The video above is from my brief presentation at VRTech Rome. Thanks to Vanessa and the team from Rentals United for inviting me and allowing this little man inside this

July 25, 2016

Some vacation rental business owners are on auto-pilot, riding the wave of a new industry, seeing where it takes them. While others are biting the bullet, taking the bull by