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Take These Precautionary Measures For Your Vacation Rental Listing In 2016

My mom always taught me it was good to have backup plans. So to get your listing site non-dependence initiatives in 2016 off to a good start, I wanted to share with you three tactics that members of our

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My 3 Words For 2016

Many years ago, a mentor turned me on to a New Year's exercise that changed the way I write resolutions. The idea is to choose three (and only three) words that define your goals for the coming

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All The Stuff I Screwed Up At My Vacation Rentals

When I first moved down to Central America, it was because I wanted to avoid the rat race of corporate America. Most of my friends were entering jobs in DC and New York and while I knew that wasn’t

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VIDEO COURSE: The 8 Things I’d Do Differently [Summary]

Last week, I woke up at 6 AM and went for a run like usual. But the podcast I was listening to on this particular morning (by a guy named Pat Flynn) really had my attention. Pat was interviewing an incredibly

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Inside The Mind Of VR Guests Workshop: The 3 Things I Learned

In any industry, research and transparent data are important to learn and evolve. But in our industry, we face two problems: 1) We’re so new that very little data exists 2) The data that does exist

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What Does “Being Professional” Mean In The Vacation Rental Industry? Warning: Definitions May Vary.

I can’t tell you how many negative guest reviews I read that feature the word “unprofessional.” The only problem is, professionalism can mean a lot of things to a lot of vacation rental

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Listing Site Dependence Workshop: The 3 Things I Learned

If you are an owner or manager who is thinking about exploring new ways to generate bookings for your vacation rental, this post is for you. This past Wednesday, I braved the waters outside my comfort

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The Accidental Vacation Rentalist: A Dying Breed?

Have you ever wondered why so many owners or managers accidentally fell into the vacation rental business without any kind of plan or formal training? In stark contrast to medicine or law or the world

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Makeover Contest Winner + Three Special Twists

> Link To Amy Firmani’s Makeover Series > Link To Makeover #2 Contest Submissions Page > Holly and Jeff’s Vacation Rental In Yosemite National Park > Alanna Schroeder’s VR in Kauai >

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Desperately Trying To Match An Olympic Swimmer, Stroke For Stroke

I was at the pool yesterday morning and in the lane next to me there was a dolphin. Not a real dolphin. But a 25 year-old guy who, for all intents and purposes, swam with the grace and speed of a cetacean

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What’s Your Plan If HomeAway Disappears Tomorrow?

This is a healthy and constructive way to consider your vacation rental marketing. And of course, the devil’s advocate scenario represents more than just HomeAway or VRBO. It represents all the third

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Mistakes That New Owners Make

Approaching my 10,000th subscriber, I have developed a really good idea of where new vacation rental owners and managers are hitting snags. For instance, I know that most new owners are amazed to discover

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