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Why Vacation Rental Design Matters

This post is written by Jan Stevens​, owner of Bowen Island Accommodations, and a professional residential interior designer of over 40 years. For the past 14 years Jan has specialized in Vacation

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Upselling Your Vacation Rental: From Burger to Combo Meal

This post by Nancy McAleer of AMI Home Rental is designed to help independent owners and managers attract guests looking for more complete vacation packages while simultaneously

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Bad Owner Headshot Photos Lose Bookings

This post is going to be short because I want people to take away one really simple yet important thing: it takes only a fraction of a second for a potential guest to judge us and decide whether we are

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The “Single Guest Perspective” Formula [Workshop Summary]

Note: This workshop has already taken place. The full workshop with Q&A session can be accessed inside the Inner Circle here. The "Single Guest Perspective" has become key to owners and

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Summary: The 5 Habits of Vacation Rental Innovation Workshop

Note: This workshop has already taken place. The full workshop with slides and downloads can be accessed inside the Inner Circle here. Innovation is all about changing the terms of the playing

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Persona-Based Marketing: The Small Tweak That Delivers Massive Results

This post is written by David Angotti, Co-Founder of, the fastest growing property management firm in the Great Smoky Mountains region, and an acclaimed member of the VRMB Inner

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I Just Individually Consulted 500 Vacation Rental Owners And Here Are Some Surprising Discoveries

Because the vacation rental industry is so new and its potential so huge, I tend to spend my research hours doing activities that might otherwise be considered an inefficient or crazy use of one's

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Hands Down, The Best Way To Respond To A Negative Vacation Rental Review

One of the inherent challenges to vacation rental success is that you become vulnerable to numbers: the more guests you host, the more potential there is for a negative review.There is no successful or

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How To Sidestep The Annoying Trend Of Vacation Rental Commoditization

"You're special, and don't ever forget that!" It's the classic line every kid hears from their parents when life deals some adversity.But when my mom said it to me on the heels of a life-changing medical

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3 Obligatory Traits Of Today’s Smartest Vacation Rental Leaders

Paul Prudhomme was a larger than life creole chef known for inventing blackened seasoning...a recipe/technique that went on to become a staple on every restaurant chain menu in America (albeit with

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The Zero Moment Of Truth For Vacation Rentals: How To Win The War

In 2011, Google hired a third-party market research firm to survey some 5,000 people upon purchasing items in 11 different industries ranging from cars to toaster ovens to burritos. The innovative theme

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How & Where Guests Search For Vacation Rentals [Data]

I’ve had the honor of working for the past few months alongside Rachael Plitch, a student at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, to determine the booking behavior of vacation rental travelers. We

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