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For Things Beyond Our Control, What’s Our Obligation To Guests?

The following is a guest post by Inner Circle leader Sallie Mitchell. Sallie and her husband own Casa Mar Azul in San Pancho, Mexico.​ This post ​will help you override​ short-term-thinking tendencies

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Give Tip, Get Goodwill [Monday Morning Motivation]

​This is an example of VRMB's Monday Morning Motivations, that gets delivered straight to your inbox each Monday. Sign up on our homepage to receive yours free of charge! IDEA: Reciprocity is one of

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The 4-Step Incoming Guest Nurture Sequence

This post by Nancy McAleer of AMI Home Rental is designed to ​better connect with your guests ahead of arrival. Nancy is also the Co-Founder of Florida Rental By Owners

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Choosing the Right VR Software…Decoded

The following post was written by Terry Whyte of Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals, an owner and property manager in Florida and North Carolina. Like many of us, Terry decided to explore the world of VR

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Unite Your Stakeholders

Here’s a great tip for any vacation rental business looking to build their brand, get to know their clients better, and have fun all at the same time. In this example, we did it to encourage progressive

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I Just Got 82 Negative Reviews In 24 Hours: Here’s What I Learned

This past Saturday morning I took a deep breath then hit the "Send" button and sunk into my chair sipping nervously through a straw at the last few droplets in a can of Orangina. The email that went

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Is Pinterest A Waste Of Time Or A Hidden Goldmine?

This post by Nancy McAleer of Anna Maria Island Home Rental is part of a new VRMB guest post series designed to cover innovative subjects and give greater texture to the voices of listing site independence.

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From 0 to 6,000 Facebook Likes in 1 Year: The Growth Story Of Anna Maria Island Beach Life

This post by Nancy McAleer of Anna Maria Island Home Rental is the first of a new VRMB guest post series designed to cover innovative subjects and give greater texture to the world of listing site

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3 Crafty Vacation Rental Marketers Who Are Helping (Not Selling)

Two of the biggest challenges in building archetypes and frameworks for vacation rentals are that (1) the industry is so new that limited data is available and (2) us hosts are all so darn different. A

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10 Sincere Reasons My Friends And I Would Like To Stay At Your Vacation Rental

I spent the last few weeks exploring the East and West coasts of the United States, mixing business with pleasure and basically eating too much. Along with my three best friends from childhood below (who

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Here is the audacious “Content Marketing” strategy that explains why you read my work

A member of our Inner Circle has been offering her San Diego vacation rental to guests now for just about 25 years (!!!). When she first started, she made some cute little flyers so that everyone in the

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Alert: This Is Precisely Why I Never Trusted Google+…

Google just announced that it would be all but officially shutting down it’s highly touted Google+ by splitting it up into two different entities: Photos & Streams. “Google Plus was always

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