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Choosing the Right VR Software…Decoded

The following post was written by Terry Whyte of Anna Maria Island Condo Rentals, an owner and property manager in Florida and North Carolina. Like many of us, Terry decided to explore the world of VR

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Unite Your Stakeholders

Here's a great tip for any vacation rental business looking to build their brand, get to know their clients better, and have fun all at the same time. In this example, we did it to encourage progressive

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I Just Got 82 Negative Reviews In 24 Hours: Here’s What I Learned

This past Saturday morning I took a deep breath then hit the "Send" button and sunk into my chair sipping nervously through a straw at the last few droplets in a can of Orangina. The email that went out

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The Animated Story of Listing Site Independence

I love this little story about opting out of the status quo and finding your own path. While most vacation rental owners and managers are marching along using listing sites because "that's how we've always

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Facebook’s New Video Response Feature is MADE for Vacation Rentals

We've gotta deal with it: video is the dreaded yet preferred communication medium of the future. Vacation rental owners and managers who figure out how to use it now (or at least not be totally uncomfortable

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Is Pinterest A Waste Of Time Or A Hidden Goldmine?

This post by Nancy McAleer of Anna Maria Island Home Rental is part of a new VRMB guest post series designed to cover innovative subjects and give greater texture to the voices of listing site independence.

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This Is The VR Industry’s Most Important Content Marketing Article And No, It’s Not About “Creating Content”

This post by Conrad O'Connell is continuing the series of VRMB guest blog posts designed to help you build a more sustainable VR business. If have comments or questions, Conrad will be listening

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7 Steps To Creating VR Ad Content That’s Snags A Traveler’s Attention

Every now and then you come across a vacation rental owner or manager doing a brilliant piece of independent marketing (see 3 Crafty Vacation Rental Marketers) and you say to yourself one of two things:(1)

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From 0 to 6,000 Facebook Likes in 1 Year: The Growth Story Of Anna Maria Island Beach Life

This post by Nancy McAleer of Anna Maria Island Home Rental is the first of a new VRMB guest post series designed to cover innovative subjects and give greater texture to the world of listing site independence.

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3 Crafty Vacation Rental Marketers Who Are Helping (Not Selling)

Two of the biggest challenges in building archetypes and frameworks for vacation rentals are that (1) the industry is so new that limited data is available and (2) us hosts are all so darn different.A

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MINI-COURSE: Blogging Outreach With Integrity [Length: 9 Minutes]

Before I share with you the remainder of this mini-course below, I’d like to mention that is it one of 8 courses, 2 recorded workshops, and 6 PDFs and whitepapers that I am building weekly in

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Why Aren’t More Airbnb Hosts Doing This?

On paper, 66-year old South African retiree C.C. is not what most of us might imagine as a hospitality entrepreneur. But upon dissecting her evolving vacation rental business, you’d be surprised

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