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The Property Manager’s Guide To The Galaxy, Part 1: Effective Process Management

This post is written by Wes Melton, Co-Founder and CTO of, the fastest growing property management firm in the Great Smoky Mountains region. Wes' post is the first in a series meant

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What Is Dynamic Pricing And Is It Right For You?

As the vacation rental tide rises, more and more ships are rising with it. And one common characteristic of the most successful vacation rental professionals is to be fully aware of this emerging landscape

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Does Google Adwords Work For Vacation Rentals?

The good news: there is a service called Google Adwords that allows you to show your own ads to travelers and pay when (and only when) the traveler clicks over to your website or property page. Think of

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Makeover Session 3.1: How Video Generates More Bookings

If you don’t believe that video is THE marketing & communications method of the future, consider these statistics: Video now accounts for 1/2 of all mobile web traffic1 1 minute of video is

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Vacation Rental Start-Ups Taking On New And Unexpected Job Title

They say you never truly understand something until you can explain it. Today’s vacation rental start-up space is bustling. But the innovators taking the lead are now (more than ever) wearing a new

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A Day In My Life (Video)

It should be no secret that video is playing an increasingly important role in marketing these days. And knowing that trust and personality are two hugely defining factors in the vacation rental industry,

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Why Are Vacation Rentals Going “Evergreen”?

Vacation rental owners and managers – not unlike most small business owners – have limited resources. Which means that every ounce of energy you put towards your marketing (let’s say answering a

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“Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A Job”

Last night was the 1-year anniversary of Fortaleza Tours: Fried Fish and Mojitos, a company that emerged from our gang intervention and reintegration program Esperanza (“Hope”) here in the

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Makeover Session 2.6: How To Get Your Website Ranking In Organic Google Searches

It’s the dream of owners like Holly and Alanna to put themselves in the shoes of potential guests, to search Google for vacation rental options in the area – using phrases such as “Yosemite vacation

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Makeover Session 2.5: A 60-Second Search That Directly Increases Your Annual Profit

“I have a website but it doesn’t generate any inquiries.” If you are thinking this, there are two main things to consider: 1) Is your website optimized for inquiries? Just building a website is the

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MAKEOVER SESSION 2.4: Measuring Website Growth With Analytics

The foundation for any great vacation rental website is a platform for analytics. It was the subject of my talk at the HomeAway Summit and it’s actually something I find incredibly fulfilling. Analytics,

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SEO: Is It Really Just Three Simple Letters?

The following is a post from The Inner Circle entitled Vacation Rental Search Engine Optimization 101, which I’ve re-published here on the blog with the Conrad’s permission. ——- SEO. It’s

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