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Two Minutes. One Decision. 10% Increased Annual Vacation Rental Profit

One of the very simplest, most influential tips I share in my one-on-one consultations with subscribers  revolves around the following questions: “But Matt, I already operate at full occupancy. What

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Update: My Absolute Best Marketing Idea Of 2012

  UPDATE (July 4, 2013): I wanted to share the following. I wrote this article back in August of 2012 and we’re coming up on August of 2013, which means I have some conclusive proof of how many

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3 Days To Contemplate. 2 Minutes To Implement. 10% Increased Yearly Profits.

  About 2 years ago I welcomed a new investor to my vacation rental company and one of the first things we did was increase the prices across the board. This was a little bit difficult for me because

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What If I Googled Your Rental Right Now?

  Let’s face it: consumer research these days is done on the web. So when travelers hear about your rental, or perhaps stumble across it on VRBO, you can bet they’re going to cross-reference those

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“The Best” Thing I Have Learned In 2 Years?

I started Vacation Rental Marketing Blog about 4 years ago and it’s been a roller coaster learning curve for me. You see, I have experience generating bookings for vacation rentals. But I am NOT an expert

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