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Is Pinterest A Waste Of Time Or A Hidden Goldmine?

This post by Nancy McAleer of Anna Maria Island Home Rental is part of a new VRMB guest post series designed to cover innovative subjects and give greater texture to the voices of listing site independence.

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Take These Precautionary Measures For Your Vacation Rental Listing In 2016

My mom always taught me it was good to have backup plans. So to get your listing site non-dependence initiatives in 2016 off to a good start, I wanted to share with you three tactics that members of our

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My 3 Words For 2016

Many years ago, a mentor turned me on to a New Year's exercise that changed the way I write resolutions. The idea is to choose three (and only three) words that define your goals for the coming

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What Is Dynamic Pricing And Is It Right For You?

As the vacation rental tide rises, more and more ships are rising with it. And one common characteristic of the most successful vacation rental professionals is to be fully aware of this emerging landscape

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From 0 to 6,000 Facebook Likes in 1 Year: The Growth Story Of Anna Maria Island Beach Life

This post by Nancy McAleer of Anna Maria Island Home Rental is the first of a new VRMB guest post series designed to cover innovative subjects and give greater texture to the world of listing site independence.

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3 Obligatory Traits Of Today’s Smartest Vacation Rental Leaders

Paul Prudhomme was a larger than life creole chef known for inventing blackened seasoning...a recipe/technique that went on to become a staple on every restaurant chain menu in America (albeit with

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3 Crafty Vacation Rental Marketers Who Are Helping (Not Selling)

Two of the biggest challenges in building archetypes and frameworks for vacation rentals are that (1) the industry is so new that limited data is available and (2) us hosts are all so darn different.A

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All The Stuff I Screwed Up At My Vacation Rentals

When I first moved down to Central America, it was because I wanted to avoid the rat race of corporate America. Most of my friends were entering jobs in DC and New York and while I knew that wasn’t

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The Zero Moment Of Truth For Vacation Rentals: How To Win The War

In 2011, Google hired a third-party market research firm to survey some 5,000 people upon purchasing items in 11 different industries ranging from cars to toaster ovens to burritos. The innovative theme

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How & Where Guests Search For Vacation Rentals [Data]

I’ve had the honor of working for the past few months alongside Rachael Plitch, a student at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, to determine the booking behavior of vacation rental travelers. We

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What Does “Being Professional” Mean In The Vacation Rental Industry? Warning: Definitions May Vary.

I can’t tell you how many negative guest reviews I read that feature the word “unprofessional.” The only problem is, professionalism can mean a lot of things to a lot of vacation rental

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6 Upgrades To Your Current Vacation Rental Photographs

As owners and managers, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our property stand out. And the first step — getting professional photos (if you don’t already have them) — is

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