​Currents 2020

​Welcome to Currents, the industry's first true thought-leadership report. ​Instead of visible trends, this report dives into the ​less-obvious movements beneath the surface. ​

Read it and plan your vacation rental ​journey out over ​the next 5 years...

​What makes this report different? 

​Compiled using VRMB's three-pronged research: virtual, in-person interviews, and data from proprietary tools. 


​Discover the six patterns ​we want every owner/manager to understand.

​Warning Signs

​Avoid costly mistakes that ​can offset ​even the greatest of achievements. ​

​Action Items

​Use specific action items to turn​ newfound​ wisdom into real results.

​Only the Strong Survive

Many outsiders look at the vacation rental movement and call it disruptive. And it is. But within the movement exists a whole disruption spectrum and unfortunately, there are plenty of disruptive vacation rental businesses that are also unstable and will close up ​shop. This pattern is new to our industry, but ​it's ​normal ​about cycles in any emerging space​: ​our report explores how to be proactive ​and forge your exit strategy today.

​Cottage Industry 3.0

​Cottage Industry 3.0 is​ a way of thinking about the future of the industry in which tech-equipped small businesses can not just survive against mass-production competition, they are in a position to thrive. ​Our report explores how,​ with the right tools, specialized “cottagers” are in an unprecedented position to generate real profit and thrive in 2020 and beyond. ​This report ​​dives into ​several pillars of the Cottage 3.0 ​movement.

​Tightening The Bolts

​Doubling-down on what is working and cutting out ​what is not. ​This report examines ways to hit the reset button on your business — strategically and technically. ​Learn ​why now is the time to tighten the bolts ​and drive profit ​in order to preserve ​the lifestyle you deserve. ​

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​This is a masterful summary of the state of the union.

​Terry Whyte

​AMI Condo​ Rentals

​Bravo! Just read ​Currents 2020 and was blown away. Thank you for improving and protecting ​our industry.

​Marianne Heder


​​Currents 2020 is well researched and spot on. ​It ​keeps the industry pushing forward​!

​Matt Durrette

​Cozi VR

​Currents is a fantastic report! Appreciate all that you do for the industry!

​Jacobie Olin

​C2G Advisors

​Great job Matt and excellent read! Thank you for sharing with the community.

​Jodi Refosco

​Deep Creek Vacations

​Wowzers! ​Currents​ is a punchy report​! Congrats!

​Andy McNulty


​About the Author

​Matt Landau is the Founder of VRMB, the leading educational resource online for independent owners and managers. Matt started off running his own vacation rental business for 10+ years in the historic district of Panama City, Panama. He then transitioned into sharing what he learned in the form of VRMB. He also runs the Inner Circle, ​a private community ​for serious ​vacation rental pros.

​Matt Landau

​Founder, VRMB

​More information about Currents 2020

​Some frequently asked questions and answers

Who is ​Currents 2020 designed for? 

Independent owners and managers looking to understand the patterns and use the intel to build more sustainable businesses.​ ​This report is also designed for service providers who want to better understand ​the state of the industry.

​How did we research for Currents 2020? 

​We used a three-pronged approach ​to research. The VRMB Community (virtual), In-Person Interviews (face-to-face), and Data (collected from our various free educational tools) to give us a complete picture of each topic.

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