​Wisdom from the ​World's ​Most ​Cutting-edge ​Vacation Rental ​​Professionals

Welcome to ​most unusual FAQ video library of the most pressing vacation rental questions. Each video below was filmed with an acclaimed host from A Sense of Place​ / The Vacation Rental Show, the world's first vacation rental-themed travel show. Videos are organized by advancement level in order to streamline your learning experience. You can use the Table of Contents below or simply browse to get started...

​Getting Started (Planning)

​Choosing The Right Property 

​What are good ways to do market research?

​What are the virtues of ​​staying in vacation rentals when ​I travel?

​How can vacation rentals be such "a gamechanger"? 

​How do I f​ind​ the right property?

​Why does local regulation matter so much?

​How can fierce opposition to short terms rentals manifest itself? 

​Personality Traits​  

​Does this fit my definition of "a dream job"?

​Why is being high maintenance ​good for this business?

​What does ​"pushing the envelope" look like?

​Why is continual improvement obligatory?

​Why is validation so ingrained in this industry?

​The​ Background Experience

​​What if I don't have any experience?

​Have others fallen into this business "accidentally"?

​Am I hospitable?

Does a real estate background help with vacation rentals?

​What if I feel naive and under-prepared? 

​Building A Support Team​

​Is it OK to weed people out?

​How ​do I form ​trusting partnerships?

​The value of finding "a point person"

How much can one manager make a difference?

What should I look for in employees?

​What are some of the secrets to remote management?

​Can I manage my vacation rental business from another country?

​Calibrating Expectations

​What are the expected costs of doing business?

​Where do I draw the line between hobby and business?

​What should I expect from the learning curve?

​What are the lifestyle benefits of running a vacation rental business? 

​What can vacation rentals bring to ​my life?

​What are some of the ups and downs I should expect?

​What is a healthy way to define success? 

​How should I calibrate my goals?

Grow​th (Operations)

​The Guest Experience

​How do I ​balance amenities and pricing?

​How do I find a local touch?

Can a vacation rental ​look more like a boutique hotel?

​What so special about these makeup remover towels?

​What business are we really in?

​How can I really "wow" my guests?

​How powerful can reciprocity really be as a marketing tool?

​The Local Community

​What is the "hub and spoke" concept?

​How ​do I work with my competitors?​

​Is there a way to give back to my local community?

​Can "giving back" be part of my business model from the start?

​Growing A Property Management Agency

​What is "the partnership ​philosophy"?

​What is the primary mission ​for all property managers?

​How do I upgrade to software?

​How do I grow ​my team?

Is there a "sweet spot" for property managers?

​What are the economics of in-person check-ins?

​What is "anti-scalability" and is it for me?

​What are the virtues of developing in-house services?

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