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Author: Matt Landau
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June 21, 2019

​Update: You can now find the Top Suggestions post in which we reveal 12 softwares featured in our results as well as some stand-out softwares here.

​​The ​Backstory

On April 9th, we privately released (email list only) ​a new tool from VRMB Labs™ called The Property Management Software (PMS) Selector Tool. ​

​In short, we believe software is crucial to a successful vacation rental business. 

And in order to help people better navigate the (​​​confusing) software ecosystem, we ​identified the 25 most important features ​of a PMS and then proceeded to do 100+ hours of anonymous demos and ​rate the top 30​ softwares on the market in each feature. We then compiled all of these ​ratings into a matrix​ and utilized a platform called Qualtrics to match the right ​PMS with your priorities. The resulting tool is an industry game-changer: the first free resource to assess and suggest software without any bias or ​hidden agenda. 

Here is the full announcement verbatim from April 9th (the link is not ​published anywhere online).  

​April 9th PMS Selector Tool Announcement

The ​Results Came Pouring In

​Almost ​immediately, people started using the tool.

I remember being in an airport in Spain the day the email went out and literally, from the moment I hit send to the moment my plane took off, the tool had something like ​150 completions. ​​​Over the course of the following month the tool racked up nearly 700 completions and the ​testimonials from users was precisely what we wanted to hear. 

  • ​"Your tool ​suggested ​two softwares we had never heard of before. Off to do some demos!"
  • "​This exercise was hugely validating: ​it matched me with the exact software I settled on after hours of demos myself. Thank you!"
  • "Talk ​about coincidence. Your tool could not have come at a better time: just this morning we made the ​decision to part ways with our long-time PMS and you just made our ​next steps dramatically easier. You rock."

​Terry and I were over the moon about the ​feedback.

All of this validation was great because the primary goal of the project was to help people find the right software for them​. We ​believe every one of the independent owners or managers that used the tool were in a ​more optimal decision-making position (after using the tool) than they were before.

​This Left Us With Interesting Data

Nearly 700 completions ​presented ​us with ​some interesting ​observations about how independent owners and managers were prioritizing ​each of these features​. As a way to further assist​ everyone who participated, we wanted to share some of our high-level takeaways. 

High-Level ​Takeaways About Priorities

​As the completions continue to roll in, we will share how these trends ​accentuate or change. ​And we will also continue to update our matrix and our algorithm to reflect updates in softwares (and new softwares to the market). 

​Which Are The Most Suggested Softwares?

​After all of these completions, we ​think it ​would be helpful to share the softwares ​with the highest frequency of matches. These are the softwares​ -- based on a confluence of our ratings and the ranked priorities of our participants -- that got suggested the most amount of times! 

To Terry and ​me, these softwares represent an important piece of the vacation rental management puzzle. They are the connector -- the ​keystone -- of any great vacation rental business. ​And with the GSV Rollup as reported by Amy Hinote, the time is right!

We'll be revealing these next week to the VRMB email list. ​And we will even be giving the top-performing ​softwares some special recognition...

​Click for a Sneak Peak

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