First Mover Status

How to Become Superdominant Within Your Niche

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Across our research, independent owners and managers who are currently experiencing boom-time are also doing a set of intentional things to become the first (in their region) and as a result the best, earning an unfair advantage over their competition into the future. 

So we identified the commonalities of their innovations and distilled the examples into 3 core models: Vertical Integrations, Gold Standards, and Passion Projects. 

In this presentation, we'll walk you through each, you will be asked to brainstorm ideas that are bespoke to your company, pick one that scores highest, and then plot out the key paths needed to pull it off before end of year. Accountability to boot! 

Details: 1 video (28 minutes),  1 worksheet, 3 questions to ask yourself, 3 models of First Mover Advantages, 15 case study examples  **No Refunds.**

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