Slow vs. Fast Fuel [Monday Morning Motivation]

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IDEA: All vacation rental professionals need fuel. ​Without it, our small businesses get complacent and rusty. Without it, the little industry that could, grinds to a halt. And there are two kinds of fuel that keep us going — slow fuel, and fast

​Slow fuel is the result of hard work: The proud feeling of a fully booked calendar: The guest whose 5-star review makes it all worth while. Fast fuel is easier, it’s much more immediate - it's available on demand. The team dinner where everyone lets their hair down. Or the industry event that sets motivation ablaze. The combination of fast and slow creates resilience. Fast shocks, slow marinates.Fast gets us excited, slow holds all the power.  

ACTION: The best keep their vacation rental business moving with a balance of fast and slow fuel. ​For slow: focus less on the goals and more on the habits needed to achieve them. A fully booked calendar and a 5-star review don't come from quick wins, they come from doing all the little things right. Consistently. ​For fast, make it a point with your annual budget. Host team outings, ​attend industry events: these are spirit investments that keep everyone fresh and ready to grow. ​All vacation rental professionals need fuel. Where do you get yours?

The footage in the video above is from last year's Liverez Partner Conference, which is a great example of Fast Fuel. I regularly advise professionals to attend this event and conferences like it: an immediate injection of energy and fuel into any PM's ​business. Look forward to meeting some of you in Boise this October.

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