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Give Tip, Get Goodwill [Monday Morning Motivation]

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IDEA: Reciprocity is one of the most powerful marketing tactics everrrrr. Provide an unusual tip (something you can't just find anywhere online) to travelers that, when implemented, works really well. When this happens, your recipient will forever attribute that victory back to you. Doing this leverages the power of goodwill — the recipient eventually feels good in returning the favor back. Sometimes, it’s a social share. Other times it’s an actual booking. 

ACTION: Go "upstream" and share a tip that is more broadly relevant to all travelers (as opposed to just your guests). ​If you're in an area where guests may struggle with high-speed WiFi, ​invest in a GlocalMe ​and write a blog post about how you are going to offer it to guests. ​If you don't ​fall into this category, share a specific travel hack applicable to ​travelers beyond your immediate town. Your goal should be for travelers (irrespective of whether they are staying with you or not) to adopt the tip and change their ​vacation for the better.

​Footage from this visit to ​Bali, Indonesia with ​Mailie Green of Global Villas LTD will ​feature as an episode in Season 2 of A Sense of Place, the world's first vacation rental-themed travel show.

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