Homerun Hospitality with Emily and Jesse Cole

Author: Matt Landau
Category: Unlocked Podcast
January 8, 2020

This is probably the most unexpected vacation rental podcast we’ve ever published.

It features a couple, Emily and Jesse Cole (Emily’s LinkedInJesse’s LinkedIn), who epitomize a lot of vacation rental hosts using Airbnb to build a real estate portfolio. But that’s where the Cole’s stop being normal.

Savannah Bananas Baseball for Entrepreneur Magazine

They also own a baseball team….

Where the *MALE* cheerleaders dance on dugouts, kids find signed baseballs hidden like easter eggs, and tickets ($18) include food and drink. The stadium is sold out far into the future. It is one of the most outrageous sports entertainment and hospitality stories you will ever hear. Just so you have an idea, Jesse wears a full yellow tuxedo. All the time.

Backstory: we wanted to change it up a bit this season of Unlocked: Tiny Architects. Not wanting to interview only one kind of vacation rental stakeholder, we met managers, owners, vendors, thought-leaders…etc. And we met them in their element: on boats, in offices, before their keynote presentations on the big stage.

But in this variety, we also thought it would be cool to feature a kind of vacation rental professional that is less noticeable by the VRM-industry yet arguably more impactful on the global market: Lifestylists [Check your VR Archetype Today] who use sites like Airbnb to make a real living and build real wealth. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their aspirational storylines are equally if not more zany and unexpected than the more elaborate VR businessmen and women we’ve normally explore.

Emily and Jesse Cole are husband and wife, they’re hosts of a few vacation rentals on Tybee Island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, and they’re also co-owners of a baseball team called the Savannah Bananas. It is not your ordinary baseball team.

For the Coles, the industry that we know as vacation rentals is merely one pillar in their crazy, happy and fun-filled life. And their understanding of the guest experience is unlike anything I’ve seen.

Our interview in their Airbnb has a bit of sound trouble but the stories and the ideas will keep you glued to the Airpod or speaker or whatever. 

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Here are some links and people mentioned in the episode:

Jesse and Emily’s vacation rental properties:



The Savannah Bananas: https://thesavannahbananas.com

Little Tybee Island: https://visittybee.com

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