“The Identity Curve” of Vacation Rental Branding Workshop: My 3 Huge Takeaways


Note: This workshop has already taken place. The recording as well as the handout can be found inside the Inner Circle here

This was far and away the best workshop we have hosted, both in terms of content (managing to distill months of branding advice down into four concrete steps) as well as the presentation (as you can see below). Here were my big takeaways from this event.

1. Make Every Investment In Your VR Business A Durable & Transferable One

2. Don't Fight For The Crowded Waves, Ride Freely In Open Blue Ocean

3. Re-calibrate Your VR Business Regularly To Avoid Drift & Maximize Happiness

Here's what others are saying about "The Identity Curve" Workshop...

I gave you a 10 - as usual - for this workshop, despite the 3AM time frame here in Australia! Your clarity of vision, focus and the ability to re-energize, at a time when the changing vacation rental practices are very unsettling, is so supportive.

Rae Lipsky
Balinese Guest House Noosa

My own growth and understanding of this business has been astronomical and I feel the foundation of that begins with presentations like these. Inner Circle members are the leading edge of what is possible for even a single owner to accomplish, and I love learning from you all!

Debi Hertert
Oregon Shearwater

I really feel that I've developed and grown our business more professionally in the past year and am REALLY HAPPY with the direction we are going. I have to thank you and many other IC members for inspiring me to do just that. Cheers and Thanks!

Nancy McAleer
Anna Maria Island Home Rental
Matt Landau

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