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My cousin Mackenze cheering me on at the ITU Chicago Triathlon (2013)

So it’s been a number of years in the making: my desire to entirely wean our vacation rentals off the major listing sites.

I chose to quietly take on the challenge about 3 years ago, when this blog started gaining steam and owners and managers took a keen interest in establishing independence.

Listing site bookings were accounting for about 30% of our annual calendar (which is still relatively low).

But in a way, I felt like I owed this distancing to myself: the challenge of opting for long-term sustainability over short-term gain is one of principle.

I also felt like I owed it to my readers – proof that severing all reliance on the big listing sites is possible.

Not because I don’t like the major listing sites’ leadership (heck, I have close relationships with them and they’re all terrific business minds).

But rather, because I need to look out for the well being of my business.

So as of July, 2014, I’m officially listing site free.

I may have one or two random listings floating around out there, but the era of me paying money to stay at the top of a rankings list is now over.

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This means that…

> All of my bookings are self-generated (via my website, newsletter, blogging, and outreach)

> I keep 100% of the booking fee (no percentages doled out to anyone other than some friends who refer clients)

> Correspondence with guests is done exclusively on my terms

> My cost-per-lead is now entirely under my own control

Am I suggesting that this feat is realistic for everyone?

No way. There are certainly owners/managers who don’t have the drive or interest in establishing their own sustainable marketing foundation.

Me actually finishing the race!!!

Me actually finishing the race!!!

Does this accomplishment suggest that my marketing work is now over?

Far from that! I see myself working HARDER now to keep the good vibes flowin!

What I can say is this: for those who are looking at growing their VR business, perhaps pick up more units, and earn equity on every bit of marketing they do…reaching this goal (and now having the momentum to continue) sure does feel good!

So use the comment form (BELOW) or the share buttons (LEFT) to informally “ACCEPT” the challenge…

Following my successful course of activities…

And working your way towards full VR marketing independence TODAY!


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