Most vacation rental owners and managers wear multiple hats. 

Which means time is precious -- there are weeks when every minute matters

This is why we created VRMB Premium (aka. the Inner Circle) “Weekly Digest” initiative back in 2018 and have been delivering one every Sunday since. The "Weekly Digest" is a 3-5 part video summary of the most important discussions from that week. 

When you become a member, you can watch our archived Weekly Digests dating back to the beginning: like getting Cliff’s Notes of the industry’s most pressing challenges. 

Here are three examples to get you inspired (just imagine getting this pulse once a week!)

Can We Benchmark Performance Metrics?

Moving bookings from major listing sites to your own home court isn't easy. But it's not all that challenging either. Here's the story of someone who's created a master plan and is hacking away at it day by day. 

The Power of Choosing Domain Names

On VRMB Premium we pursue listing site independence. Which is not rocket science, but it's not easy either. As you can see from this clip, Sheron Sherlock isn't letting the hurdles stop her from achieving her goals. 

Parting Ways with OTAs 

This is the story of a VR owner deciding that it's time to part ways with a listing site he once loved...but dealing with the very real and honest challenges of marketing on his own. Is it even possible?

Each week in VRMB Premium, we create a digest or presentation (like the one above) of the best information from the Inner Circle and share it with members who are short on time. Living our "Help, Don't Sell" mantra, we're posting the video portion of that presentation above for non-members to get a glimpse. Please Note: You wont get access to the links or archive, but you'll get access to the full video Inner Circle members receive. As our way of 'paying it forward,' perhaps, sooner rather than later, we'll see you on the other side.