Intimidation [Monday Morning Motivation]

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Most vacation rental owners start their businesses without any formal training, so we’re bound to encounter situations that are beyond our comfort zones. This is especially true for owners who want to build their own online presence. Whether that’s:

  • ​Building a professional website if you’re not a techie
  • ​Starting a blog/newsletter if you’re bad at writing
  • ​Implementing SEO if you don't have the time or focus
  • ​Using software to manage all your bookings

We won’t deny that these things are necessary to achieve independence.

But we do get intimidated, which can stun us.

In light cases, we put the task on the back burner. In more severe cases, we’re paralyzed into doing nothing.

Here’s a two-step trick that will help flip your intimidation frown upside down:

Step 1) Affirm the challenges ​

“I am intimidated by technology”

“I hate writing"

“I have no idea where to begin with creating a website”

“Just the letters SEO make my head spin"

"I get overwhelmed by any kind of software"

Step 2) Reach out

to a company or expert who specializes in that area and start off the email introduction with your bold affirmation, followed by recognition of fact:

“Dear Lodgify, As a warning: I am intimidated by technology, but I realize the importance of creating a professional website for my vacation rental businesses."

After this statement, express your interest in learning more about what the company has to offer. If budget is a decisive factor – let them know. There are plenty of affordable solutions out there.

This little rhetorical trick does two things.

First, calling out our fear (the louder the better) is step one in overcoming it.

Second, being honest with a service provider is greatly appreciated. You will likely get an honest, respectful, and solution-oriented response every time, which acts as the gateway to successfully integrating the intimidation element into your daily business.

Sometimes we need to name the challenge in order to overcome it.

Give it a try! Your business will thank you down the line.

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