Thanks To Our Partners

We thank all our sponsors, media sponsors, partners and consultants for their generosity and dedication to our vacation rental software mission. They support us and we encourage you to support them.

In partnership with 

Impact Travel Alliance is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit and global community that teaches travelers how to explore the world in a way that has a positive impact on local communities and the environment. ITA does so through initiatives such as the Media Network, which connects travel brands with content creators (journalists, bloggers, influencers, photographers, videoegraphers) who are passionate about sustainable tourism, and who can amplify your message with their engaged and loyal audiences. Travel brands can also work with Impact Travel Alliance in other ways such as sponsored content, online events, email campaigns, and other strategic brand engagements. You can learn more about Media Network services in this overview deck.

The VRMA Advocacy Fund protects (1) Travelers’ rights to choose the type of accommodation they want, (2) Property owners rights to rent their vacation homes, and (3) Businesses’ rights to rent vacation properties.

Donations support special projects such as economic impact and housing affordability studies, lobbying and public relations campaigns as well as innovative tools and studies to promote the vacation rental industry. In 2020 the VRMA Advocacy Fund raised $253,658

Golightly a members-only home-sharing and vacation rental club for women whose aim is to help women travel safely and globally while enjoying a sense of community. Only members may list and book within the connected network but they may travel with whomever they wish. Listing with Golightly offers access to a highly-vetted community of female members, and therefore also a high level of accountability among both hosts and guests. On the platform, each owner and property manager may see how she’s connected to her prospective guest, similar to Linkedin. Golightly launched in January 2020 to great acclaim and has grown despite the pandemic now having over 5,000 members across 74 countries. For further information, you can send an email kat @ or apply here.

Funding a research project like the Keystone Awards is tricky because you want to avoid any conflicts of interest. Instead, you have to start with organizations that are doing amazing things but not directly in the vacation rental software space. We are grateful to each of our partners for their support and their leadership in pivotal categories. 

The Keystone Awards 2021 is produced by VRMB

Research Lead, Terry Whyte of

Data analysis by Wes Melton of

Software Development by Sjoerd Van Dooren

Marketing by Matt Landau

Technical Rigging by Will Franco (sign up for his Patreon it's fantastic)

Advisors: Tom K Consulting Group, Mark Driskell of Mountain Time Vacation Rentals, CJ Stam III of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals, Jed Stevens of Koloa Kai, Christina Thoreson of Chattanooga Vacation Rentals, Jim Prugh Lindsborg Vacation Rentals, Ruth Manfredi of Vernazza sul Mare, Filipa Aguiar of Rent4Rest, Jacobie Olin of C2G Advisors

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