Lacoste Replaces Its Crocodile With Endangered Species in Limited-Edition Polo Shirt Line [Monday Morning Motivation]

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IDEA: As featured in this article by Alexandra Jardine with AdAge,​"Lacoste, the French polo shirt brand, is replacing its iconic crocodile logo with ten threatened animals in a limited-edition line created in partnership with a nature conservation charity." This is a brilliant example of Limited Edition Theory combined with what I call Star Throwing (socially conscious business gestures) to create a product that people will deeply desire. This marketing move uses scarcity with philanthropy to satisfy that magical "triple bottom line."

ACTION: (1) Put together a limited edition experience package for your vacation rental business: partner with a local prefixe restaurant, get insider access to something typically not available to the public, or print up some gorgeous polo shirts…etc. (2) Limit the number of available sales to 5 or 10 and don’t try to get rich (remember, this is a branding exercise). (3) Build in a socially responsible element to the offering (ex. 50% of proceeds support will support our local urban gardening initiative). Then (4) share the opportunity with your former guests list via Mailchimp and go nuts on social media. The more unique your star throwing limited edition offer is, the deeper its impact will be (even if you don’t sell one).

Matt Landau

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