Classes, Events, & Individuals

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Even the most ordinary of neighborhoods can be extraordinary by utilizing three kinds of experiences. In Lindsborg, Kansas, a town affectionately known as "Little Sweden" I was turned onto (1) traditional Swedish dancing classes, (2) the community water fight, and (3) a local couple who act as ambassadors of the local Swedish culture. Classes, events, and individuals. That's all it takes.

Action: Identify the classes that take place on a local basis and suggest guests give one a try. Yoga, pilates, painting, ceramics, cooking...the options are likely endless. Look through the local newspaper and create a list of the events that portray your community in a fun and unique light. Farmers markets, beach clean-ups, water fights...etc. Lastly, reach out to the individuals who can channel your region..who can ambassador something unique that can be offered to guests (bonus points if these individuals have their own businesses).

Brush up on your 'extraordinary' experience list once every month or so. And share the updates in newsletters or blog posts. Provide an updated list to prospective guests via email. Don't live in the region? No problem: use Google Alerts to stay abreast it all.

Footage from this visit to Lindsborg, Kansas with Jim Prugh of Lindsborg Vacation Rentals will feature as an episode in Season 2 of A Sense of Place, the world's first vacation rental-themed travel show, sponsored by 

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