​The 5th Element of Listing Site Non-Dependence (LSND): Summary

Here at VRMB, our Listing Site Independence (LSI) framework has gotten stronger with time. But something we noticed, when we looked at all the most successful LSI graduates, was that they all had a number of deeper, underlying characteristics in common.

These personality and attitude ​"elements" ​reached the same outcome (a successful business) but they offered a ​different ​way to getting there. 

The 5th Element of Listing Site Non-Dependence brings two big epiphanies to the traditional LSI table: the first is that the word "independence" is actually not accurate: in fact, we all ​use listing sites to the best of our ability! So we re-worked the phrasing to non-dependence: a small but important differentiation. The second epiphany, is that with all four elements wiring and firing, a secret 5th element began to emerge.

The 4 elements, as well as the elusive 5th element, are likely things you've felt but never quite put your finger on. Once you've identified your strong-suit (and the elements in which you'd like to improve) you'll notice you become immune to industry shifts, market forces, economic trends, and the like. The​se are the core factors that separate sustainable vacation rental businesses from the rest.

Because the ​5th Element of LSND ​is so important, we have chosen only to ​share it during live, limited-seating workshops so that students can fully engage with the theme. These workshops are by reservation only, and they do have a fee. To register for the next live ​5th Element workshop, please use the sign-up form below:​

​Here's what our previous attendees are saying about the "5th Element of LSND" Workshop...

​Darik Eaton

​Seattle Oasis


​This is ​VRMB's best presentation yet. ​I was proud to be at the live unveiling. ​This is VRMA keynote material. 

​Jenny Oest

Premium Beach Condos


​This really was inspirational for me​. It was also a great reminder of how far I've come since making the first big decision to purchase one of Matt's training materials. You don't know how long I visited that page and wondered if I'd be wasting my money. Turns out, it was one of my best investments, right up there with my properties! The ROI is off the charts.

​Rick Oster

​Oster Golf Houses


Th​is workshop is a manifestation of ​Matt's talents; 1) the ability to use ​the analytical brain to decipher a lot of information and condense it into easily understood concepts, and 2) the ability to deliver the message clearly with passion and a conversational warmth.

​Pat Kirchhoefer

​My Bearfoot Cabins


​Matt's tireless effort shines through once again. I have jotted some great ideas down. I ​plan to ​attend this workshop a second time and hone in on some of my own deeper thoughts of how to implement my next 'moves' inspired by Matt and the great Inner Circle.