Overview: The Theory of Limited Edition (Ltd)

​The vacation rental industry is changing rapidly and with change comes stress: how do I compete with the richer guy down the street? How do I compete with some of the biggest travel companies in the world? 

​And in the process, independent owners and managers lose sight of why they got involved in this business in the first place — we lose sight of what makes our vacation rental so special.

The Theory of Limited Edition is an 8-part strategy that’s focused not on the things that can be mass produced, but on quite the opposite: the things that do not scale (or perhaps more excitingly, the things can scale, but on our own terms). Here's a brief breakdown of what the workshop covers...

Note: ​This LIVE online workshop takes place every few months. It is an extremely limited capacity event (only 10 attendees)​. If you would like to attend our next event, please use the form above. 

I ​firm believe this is the most important concept in the vacation rental industry today. This prototypes — the owners and managers at the top of their game — they embody the Ltd from the ground up. And the coolest part about it is, that no matter how much experiences you have or your resources, Ltd is not a zero sum game...it’s actually within all of us. 

Why Ltd? The more Ltd you are, the more you can stave off industry shifts and market corrections. The more Ltd you are, the less you have to play by the commodity rules. 

So I invite you to join me, as we explore the Theory of Ltd: in an ever-changing and increasingly stressful industry, it’s actually a huge relief to learn that what keeps the most prized businesses on top is not scale or great volume, but the things that are limited in nature — these represent the bleeding edge of the vacation rental future. 

​Excellent! So energizing! I am already thinking of things I can do based on your 8 Factors! THANK YOU!

​Audrey Miller
​​Cottage Connection

This workshop is ​typical Matt; powerful, thought-provoking and valuable information delivered with passion. It's the Aha! moment I needed. Worth its weight in gold. Fantastic job my friend! ​

​Rick Oster
​Oster Golf Houses

​Matt I really believe this is the best presentation/piece of work you have done - and that is saying something when you look at everything that has come before it! This ​workshop should be compulsory viewing for anyone in our industry who aspires to be truly unique.

​Bob Garner
​​Casal dei Fichi

​The Limited Edition (Ltd) Theory is ground breaking stuff; but IMHO it is dwarfed by the first few minutes of Matt's workshop. We should all put that ​on our desktops; then if we ever dare to think we are having a tough day we should watch it.

​Steve Harrison
​​Florida Dreams

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