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This workshop is ​typical Matt; powerful, thought-provoking and valuable information delivered with passion. Fantastic job my friend! ​

​Rick Oster
​Oster Golf Houses

​Matt I really believe this is the best presentation/piece of work you have done - and that is saying something when you look at everything that has come before it! This ​workshop should be compulsory viewing for anyone in our industry who aspires to be truly unique.

​Bob Garner
​​Casal dei Fichi

​The Limited Edition (Ltd) Theory is ground breaking stuff; but IMHO it is dwarfed by the first few minutes of Matt's workshop. We should all put that ​on our desktops; then if we ever dare to think we are having a tough day we should watch it.

​Steve Harrison
​​Florida Dreams

​Excellent! So energizing! I am already thinking of things I can do based on your 6 Factors! THANK YOU!

​Audrey Miller
​​Cottage Connection