Matt Landau Announces Winner Of VR Marketing Makeover
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Makeover Contest Winner + Three Special Twists

> Link To Amy Firmani’s Makeover Series

> Link To Makeover #2 Contest Submissions Page

> Holly and Jeff’s Vacation Rental In Yosemite National Park

> Alanna Schroeder’s VR in Kauai

> My gang reintegration program in Panama

Here is the list of Runners-Up (if you’re on this list, you should have a email in your inbox at this moment):

Dean: Be aware of how your inquiries come in, and how they would prefer their response.

Tizfata: “Share your knowledge”, do not hold information about your local area.

Sandy: Send out an email to last years guests and tell them how glad you are that they came to visit us in _____ (month) and just wanted to let them know how much we would like to have them return.

Jennifer: Mentioning in my welcome home email that “should your path ever bring you back to Vieques you are now considered V.I.P and I’d love to have you stay again.” I recently got an inquiry from a guest that stayed last summer asking exactly what VIP status meant. When I told her 10% and flexibility on arrival/departure times etc. she jumped right on it…bingo!

Claire: Create an invitation-only VIP Club of past guests (reserved for those folks we really DO want to have back again — meaning they took really good care of the space, were low-maintenance, and delightful to work with, too). This VIP Club would get their rate locked in at the original booking rate for a fixed number of years, even after our rates have been raised for newcomers.

Kathy: A modeling of warmth, generosity, transparency, authenticity & integrity in all that you do.

Laura: The new name of our cabin is “The Lewis Family’s Georgia Sunrise Cabin,” which we chose after reading your idea because of the stunning sunrises!

Sherry: The most important tip that I have learned is that there is no magic pill.

Julia: Clearly, anyone posting a tip and “throwing their hat in the ring” is an owner committed to success. And it’s evident the posters subscribe to the “help don’t sell” philosophy you have excellently coined.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and keep an eye out for Post #1, which will allow you to watch over my shoulder as we give these VR owners an independent marketing portfolio.

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Matt Landau is the Founder of the VRMB and the Inner Circle, two online resources dedicated to helping vacation rental owners and managers generate more bookings. Google+ | More Posts (230)


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