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  • No Time to Waste with Megan McCrea

Megan McCrea is one of the most impressive leaders in the vacation rental industry. I get the chance to meet a lot of experts and ambassadors and people who are really good at what they do — but Megan has one of the most unique blends of vision, standards, discipline, and hard work that I have ever come across in vacation rentals.

Really, in any industry: she is just a veritable rockstar. I flew to Nashville, Tennessee specifically to interview Megan — that’s how great I think she is.   

Her vacation rental business Nashville Vacation Homes eventually led into a consulting business the Hospitality Creator, and her advocacy contribution to our industry as the president of Nastra (the Nashville short term rental alliance) is historic and courageous.

This interview is a great chance to learn a bit more about the woman behind the progress.  

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