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I Can’t Stop Looking At This Vacation Rental Photo

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.17.58 PMJane Moore is an owner who frequently comments on my blog. And when I finally made it to her VRBO page, I was stopped dead in my tracks. The featured photo she uses for her property in Papagayo, Costa Rica is perhaps the best vacation rental photo I have ever seen.

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In a previous post, I spoke about “One Single, Spectacular Photograph” that kinda acts as the juice for your rental’s PR buzz around the neighborhood…

Jane runs Papagayo Luxury (visit the website because ALL her photos are insanely beautiful) and when I asked if the photo (above) succeeded with PR buzz, here’s what she said:

Jane Moore portrait for web“People always want to use it too!!  The photo is so good, that the only other rental like mine was actually using it in their listing. I complained to VRBO about copyright infringement and they got right on it, which I very much appreciated!  Then the whole resort development wanted to use it (I let them use a different one).  It’s become my “marquee” shot and I guard it religiously!”

Jane told me the images are courtesy of a guy named Sergio Pucci (http://www.photographyincostarica.com/ for anyone with a home in Costa Rica).

He charges $1500 for a large home (but less for a 3-bedroom condo like Jane has).

“The nice thing is that he was hired for the job in late 2009, so the photos have held up (of course). 4.5 years of full use and well worth it!  And I’ve used him for 2 of my other homes since then, too (Casa Estrella and then about 5 images for Puma Estate… it was a partial shoot).”

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As for some advice according to Jane, “clearly you have to start with an amazing location and unit to get the photos. In that case, the photography absolutely enhances the product.”

Having done advertising sales for more than a decade (most recently at National Geographic), Jane’s a great example of someone who knows the value of good photos.

“I most certainly appreciate excellent photography and architectural photography. I always suggest to the owners (that I represent) that they invest in the best photographers available because they will reap the benefit of rentals, and can also use the images when they ultimately sell their home.”

Great Advice Jane!

Your photo has me drooling to visit!


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