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The Fisherman with David Krauthamer

David Krauthamer never thought he’d be running a world-class hospitality business. But when his mother challenged him — that he wasn’t truly an entrepreneur until his side gig was his sole form of income — he quit his job at AutoParts Headquarters and became a vacation rental pro.

Me recording David while learning about sea turtles

Along with his wife Edna, David is the owner of D&E Landing in Guntersville, Alabama. Now that I live semi-nearby, I like to stop over for the evening and hang out and go fishing with David as often as I get the chance. And on this particular visit, we decided to record a podcast.

What’s most intriguing about David and his business is the precision and discipline with which he’s identified and maintained his niche: fishermen looking to hook bass on the famous Lake Guntersville. His repeat guest rate and occupancy rate are insanely high because of the homes, the cleanliness, and the service: but equally impressive is David’s work-life balance. This new breed of individual who’s finding a second professional wind in the vacation rental space.

David and his Bass

My favorite moment of the podcast is “WITTDTJR” (What it takes to do the job right) a business philosophy that yields happy customers and 5-star reviews.

Me and David returning from fishing

David has created for himself a job — a business — that he loves. David’s journey is ultimately what our broader movement is all about. If you are a fisherman, I would encourage you to go visit David and talk shop.

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