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Doing Things Properly with Tammi Sims

Tammi Sims is the VP of Customer at Properly, an industry-leading cleaning app with a host of deeper applications. Perhaps more importantly, Tammi (along with her partner Alex Nigg) are visionary vacation rental leaders: they identified a need for this solution way back before anyone could even name the problem. It’s now turned into a blossoming business that simultaneously makes the vacation rental community stronger.

Me in Tammi’s cape after the interview

Tammi is a regular at industry conferences — and it was at VRMA in New Orleans where Tammi was ‘in her element’ — that I got the chance to sit in on a sushi lunch and then record a conversation that goes way beneath the surface (like any good thorough vacation rental professional would) to explore Tammi’s backstory, her borderline-obsession with small details, and some of her concerns and wishes for the future of this movement.

I have had the pleasure of watching Tammi and Alex grow their business over the course of the last few years and it’s been such a treat to watch them evolve, but with the right values, the right priorities and the right attitude about how we should treat one another. The quintessential vacation rental start-up for me. This is a fabulous episode for any property owner or manager who likes to, well, do things properly.

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Collapsible Funnel and lemon reamer (to get all the juice)

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