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The Biggest Lesson of My Career with Steve Milo

I only met Steve Milo a few years ago but he’s been leading the PM charge for eons with his company VTrips and he can also be spotted on the speaking circuit at conferences around the world: shooting straight and saying some of the things that others may not like…but need to hear.

I had the chance to sit down with Steve in Barcelona, Spain last month after we bumped into each other at the airport en route to KigoWorld and what I learned in the conversation ranges from comic books to profit to traveling with his wife Kyung.

To me, the purpose of these longer-form interviews is two-fold: first, the tactics that have helped produce some of the most successful stories in our industry may be applicable to you. And second, in realizing that we all have these former professional lives (whether it was a lawyer, an engineer, a teacher, a full-time mom) we should not cover these stories up…we should share them with our prospective guests.

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